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    3D Tire tracks in Ink

    Hey thanks for the help. Some great tutorials in that list. I was hoping to cut some corners and maybe have the ink as a 2D animation created in After Effects trailing behind the character as he comes out of the ink but its probably not going to look good that way.
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    3D calling all cinema 4d boffins

    Im not sure how to answer your question but just looking at your short clip you're getting some artifacting as the camera pans over the titles. The letters "T" in tutorial are breaking up. Have you tried changing the type of capping? If you select the text then go to Caps. At the bottom of the...
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    3D Tire tracks in Ink

    Hi everyone, My question is, what is the best way to make tire tracks in ink? I am at the storyboard stage of a short animation about a bot character moving around a table who knocks over a bottle of ink. I am using Cinema 4D for modelling and planning to use Realflow for the ink. The...