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    Swatches appearance

    I could use some instructions on how to set my swatches in PS 2020 and PS2021 to appear as they do in my old version CS5.1 if it's possible. Here is what I have now and then what I would like to have for working on most of my pictures. Any help appreciated. Thanks very much!
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    Specific Grandfather RAF photo Restoration

    I hope this is a little better. I couldn't tell whether the detail on the right side were bushes or damage. More can be done, but wasn't sure what all you wanted. Your Granddad was one the "Greatest Generation"!
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    CS3 question

    Hi Ralf. I went from Catalina to High Sierra, but I assume the process would work for Sierra if that was the original operating system that came installed on your computer. I followed a YouTube video showing how to downgrade from Catalina to HS. It was very good and the instructions are slow...
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    CS3 question

    I too am retired and on SS and had a similiar problem, albeit with CS5. I had to downgrade to High Sierra in order to run CS5.1. Too bad...
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    Specific Telephone Line Removal

    Oops, missed a couple of places.
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    Specific Telephone Line Removal

    Removed most of it.
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    Specific One color solid photo

    Not sure, but is this what you're looking for?
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    Specific Rims

    My try, though not perfect, but you can get an idea what they'd look like.
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    Specific Another photo clean up request

    Just for fun... (Only the kids)
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    Specific Photoshop friend in

    I agree with all of Rich54's comments, but I went ahead and tried to make a composite that might work to show the three of you together. My caveat is that I didn't spend as much time on it that it needed and I'm nowhere nearly proficient enough to make it look completely realistic.
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    Specific Edit background

    Here are two versions. One at Beacon Rock, WA and the other from Mirror Lake, OR with Mt. Hood in the background. I also reversed the logo on the shirt, I hope you don't mind.
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    Sort layers alphabetically?

    Thans for the link. I'll check it out. Cheers!
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    Sort layers alphabetically?

    Maybe a "not-So-Smart" question, but I want to set the order of layers alphabetically. I work on a lot of damaged photos for restoration and some colorizing. In the process I use many layers for the selections that I want to individually control and in the case of coloring, adjust color changes...
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    Specific Blurry Picture of Kids

    Here's one more. Maybe slightly sharper...
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    Specific Removing glare from photo

    Thank you very much Babine. I’m out of town right now, as soon as I get home Thursday I’m trying your method. Thx much!