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    Clone Stamp Tool Practice Thread #1

    Will do! You're right, it will be great practice to use the one tool for all the changes! Excellent exercise!
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    Clone Stamp Tool Practice Thread #1

    This may be an unnecessary question IamSam, but do you want the clone stamp tool to be the only tool used for the repairs/modifications, or can other tools be used along with the CS tool? I'm not a newbie to photoshop, but I'm still only about a 4 or 5 on a scale of 10! Nowhere close to most of...
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    Grouping Selections

    Yes Hawkeye, I do it that way also, but needed a way to avoid being limited on the number of selections I could have saved. I won't be using the fill color for coloring, but just use the selections for a solid color layer and then the additional adjustments as necessary for a finished picture...
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    Grouping Selections

    OK! I got it. I was making the selections correctly, but didn't quite understand the procedure of turning the layer off again to remove the color after reestablishing the selection (ants). I also see that the layers can be merged to combine selections. Grouping to consolidate the desired...
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    Grouping Selections

    That sounds great, but when I make a new layer and a new selection and turn layer off, the marching ants stay on screen. I can turn off the ants (Cmd/D), but when I Cmd/click the thumbnail the entire image is selected. I can do a quick mask and the selection is not inverted, but it still selects...
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    Grouping Selections

    I apologize for not conveying my question very clearly Sam, but I do not know how to save selections as layers. When I "cmd/S" it only gives me the options to save as a "new" selection or save as an existing selection in which case I can then "Replace, Add To, Subtract From or Intersect With"...
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    Grouping Selections

    Thanks Ross for your input. Apparently there is a limit of selections that can be saved. My normal procedure is the use cmd/S and cmd/l for saving and loading selections. I just reached the point that when I want to quick mask a selection that I'm in the process of completing it said: "Could...
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    Grouping Selections

    I do colorizing on many black and white photos, many of which are old family portraits and I need to make many selections in the process. My question is: Can selections be organized by groups? Can individual selections be moved in their order? Is there a limit on selections? Any insights will...
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    Specific Blur out a background

    Not sure how much blur you wanted, but here are two, done very quickly with blur. I have no time now, but maybe someone else can work on the sharpness.
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    Specific Remove Words Request

    Leveled the horizon slightly.
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    Specific Repair Old Photo Color Grain

    Here's another try.
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    Specific Please help me add him to the family pic..with a better background too... i wana gift a family pic to my family...

    Here are two versions with a new background. I don't know what type of BG you wanted, but here's an ocean scene. I attached one with just the ladies and one with the gentleman. Like polarwoc said, the resolution on the gentleman didn't make for a very good image. A larger one would help. I...
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    Specific let your imagination run free

    Oops! I think the glare on his glasses should've been on the other side! SorryI I can change it, but you'll probably get some better ones.