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    How can i do this effect?

    I would love to but I don't know how it was done honestly :/
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    How can i do this effect?

    I feel you asked this is in the wrong section, this should be somewhere else
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    Glowing Text Effect in Photoshop!

    Sorry about the talking to yourself, I guess that comes out naturally. As I try to explain, I found saying whatever you're doing helps the person watching follow what is happening. The timeline is open because of my default preferences, I made some gifs every now and then, I guess I didn't...
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    Glowing Text Effect in Photoshop!

    I have tried to make my content better. :)
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    How many of you are youtubers?

    Hmm Nice! Sad that your video was deleted!
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    How many of you are youtubers?

    Hmm, strange :/ Anyway what was the video about?
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    How many of you are youtubers?

    No I guess they use any AI that detects small channels, Mine also got temporarily deleted then I appealed and got my channel back. AI's usually have 90% accuracy your video must've been 10% that got deleted inaccurately. You should've appealed!
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    How to recreate this?

    Try using the blur tool!
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    How many of you are youtubers?

    Why did youtube delete it? Surely you voilated some rules
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    How many of you are youtubers?

    Simple question!
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    Art in Illustrator (Warped Vortex)

    Check out my illustration video! Love to hear feedback!
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    Flaming Text (Needs Improvement but okayish)

    This actually has some personal significance for me, as I remember I created this as a challenge. I was a complete newbie when I made this and accepting this challenge really groomed my skills!
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    Resize without affecting quality of the image

    If the image is of something that can be easily be traced and you don't mind solid color/gradient on it then I suggest you vectorize it. You can use illustrator to vectorize and then it can be reshaped to any size and won't lose quality. Hope this helps!
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    I need you to teach me how to make this poster.

    well if this is for personal use then I would suggest just take these pics and use content aware fill tool. Apply it on the thing you want it to remove and then use similar font to write what you want to write! Although beware don't do this if you're planning on using this for anything commerical.