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Recent content by RedneckR0nin

  1. RedneckR0nin

    Rate My Website

    Not too bad mang...nice and neat and not over clustered ...did rather well I figure
  2. RedneckR0nin

    money problem

    Don't need to be 18 to purchase and use a pre paid mastercard.
  3. RedneckR0nin

    Been awhile guys to say hello and show some photos

    Just dropping in to say hi to everyone and hope you have all been well! Was totally rushed but still has a pretty good likability it seems by those that frequent my page :evil: Just a couple things to show you all what I have been up to!
  4. RedneckR0nin

    My Photography

    I have done quite a bit of wedding photography and yours is the most refreshing I have seen in quite awhile. Great stuff man keep it up!
  5. RedneckR0nin

    some of my shots

    Some nice stuff there
  6. RedneckR0nin

    check this out!!

    Looks pretty cool
  7. RedneckR0nin

    Wolf Spider!

    Nope just one I found hanging out by the power meter outside...he would only come out at night so I had a friend flashlight him while I focused the lens and shot....was a really hard macro shot to do mostly because it had to be free hand. I am glad though I managed to get one great shot of him...
  8. RedneckR0nin

    Red/Aqua color effect, saw this in a magazine

    They just look desaturated and a gradient used on the background to me
  9. RedneckR0nin

    Pentax K-r test shot (sorry about the white balance)

    It is that for sure....I only use 2 or 4gig cards too so I fill one up in about a hundred shots or is worth it though trust me then you always download your photos when your done when you dont have the space to procrastinate forever
  10. RedneckR0nin

    New shot of the last wedding of the year!

    Thank you, that was what I was kinda going for and your the first to mention it!!
  11. RedneckR0nin

    My duck, my duck

    Oops my bad.....still a little blown out but definitely not as bad....
  12. RedneckR0nin

    My duck, my duck

    Looks good but blown out I think(Over exposed), take the curves tool and drop the white in that shot and should be good.....other than that it is a good shot of the ducks and the child!
  13. RedneckR0nin

    Pentax K-r test shot (sorry about the white balance)

    White balance is one of the easier things to adjust in images..if you shoot in raw. I'm not sure if your camera has that option but if it does start shooting in raw all the time. It makes it far easier to accomplish non destructive editing this way!
  14. RedneckR0nin

    Changing a specific color in an image

    Use selections and select color range....pick red and set the distinction as precise as you need...badda bing