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    assalam alikum

    lol btw nice bug ;)
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    assalam alikum

    dude you finished school? how old are you?
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    Breaking News

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    assalam alikum

    paul?! you speak arabic???!
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    Raw Challenge week 1

    anybody saw his eyes?
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    the warrior of sparta

    i had some free time so i made this pic for my little bro
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    3D Audi R8

    thanks bro, here is the project: :)
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    3D Audi R8

    i've tried to render it as a png pic but i couldnt because i got a 4gb ram laptop it cant even render it as jpg because there is a lot of segments in that car, therefore i took a snapshot of the pic thats why its not a HQ pic and by the way yes i have the premium version of c4d r13. thanks for...
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    3D Audi R8

    but i rendered it with vray already...
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    3D Audi R8

    my latest work on c4d
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    3D my own 3d character

    cinema 4d r 13
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    3D my own 3d character

    This is my own 3d character. i know that the lights are missing i didnt do them because i didnt had time because of the exams so i posted it uncomplete.
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    i think if you faded his jacket a little bit and brighten his left hand it will look great.:)
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    nice work sunrise and welcomeback :)