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    What Process Was Used To Get This Effect?

    :) PS on!!!
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    Image effect on header image

    I'm not sure what happened, but the links disappeared and the post became almost irrelevant. I took it mean they wanted to emulate the flowery type image that was on the shabby site. They also had a link to the site in question being done for the client. There was an image somewhat similar to...
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    My New LOGO Works - Movie Poster

    Is this for your private business? I think you really have something with the "M" inside the camera icon. You might want to just use that as a central focus and place the name around it. perhaps "Movie" on top and "Poster" on the bottom in a clean font. The camera with the "M" inside could be a...
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    Some of my pieces

    Sharp work! Is that all PS or is there some AI thrown?
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    What Process Was Used To Get This Effect?

    You bet! Play around with plastic wrap if you are wanting to recreate this effect. it can be very cool when used in the right composition!
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    Image effect on header image

    His original post had a link to the shabby chic site. His subject is about the header image. The shabby site has the exact effect in their header image to which I was referring. Man, do you guys just like busting people's chops or what?
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    What Process Was Used To Get This Effect?

    Can't say for sure what ALL was used, but just at a glance, I would say at least plastic wrap was used on the catcher, and it looks like maybe a noise filter -> dust and scratches with a high setting on the BG. Could have even been some kind of lined brush used on it as well.
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    Image color changes after downloading photo from web

    Is this by default when viewing them in a photo viewing app, or does it only happen when you open them in PS? If it is when you open them in PS, check your default settings. You might have the default set for CMYK, gray scale, or some other anomaly that is offsetting the original color...
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    Vector mask layer(please see image in post)

    Like I's a hack, cheat..whatever you want to call it. You set the image mode to CMYK (fooling PS into print mode), then you create a vector path from essentially nothing more than a path and create a new layer. The image doesn't really exist, only the vector mask, allowing for scaling...
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    Share inspiration techniques!

    In the Web world, less is definitely more. These sites you have referenced seem to be taking outdated and antiquated elements and they try to make them modern. (when parallax goes desperately wrong). (makes use of responsive design, yet is inherently boring and mundane). (wow...where to start...
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    JPG to HTML works only on my computer

    I do a lot of mock ups for clients based on a working (yet local) site (not uploaded to a domain to be viewed via the internet). Simple trick...when you export your HTML and all of the necessary files (as explained by earlier posts), take the entire folder with all of the assets and zip it up...
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    Vectorize my logos Company - Checkered Flag

    IamSam...totally agree. I was just wanting to put it out there that if he already had a PSD file in hand, the best way to go about it would be to export to AI via paths
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    Vector mask layer(please see image in post)

    I can get the mask ok, it is just that I essentially want to achieve the white square instead of the grid layer (transparency) icon for the layer. I am wanting to produce a scaleable image for responsive CSS for Web design. It's kind of a cheat for making a raster image into vector, but...
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    How to put webpages from Photoshop to the Internet ?

    If you are extremely new to site building, I would suggest downloading a free website template and swap the stock images for your own (ctrl + shift + alt + s = "Save for Web..." from Photoshop. Makes images much more compressed for faster load times). This is how I learned. I reverse engineered...