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    Specific Removal of the two people

    Just need the two people standing up removed. It's a hard one I know, not expecting perfection.
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    Specific Formula re-done so its clear

    Just need the formula text redone so that its clear and sharp. Can be on a white background, by itself and centered. That would be great.
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    Specific Simple text removal

    Just need the text removed is all.
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    Specific Removal of background of tinyjar

    Thank you sirs. :)
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    Specific Remove two people.

    Lol there wasn't anything inconvenient at all. I just thought it was funny that were even debating this. All I did was ask for him to finish a photo. No one should be apologizing, there's nothing to apologize for, lmao. Phoenix knows what he/she meant with that sly comment, you can deny it...
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    Specific Remove two people.

    Also samIam, I can see why you thought that because I used some of what you said in my response, but it wasn't to you. I just didn't clarify that is all.
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    Specific Remove two people.

    No one told me otherwise, but the implication of "After 10 Free Requests" sounded as if I was making too many free requests. No matter though. And as far as someone saying I couldn't ask you, I was speaking to someone else's point not yours. The phoenix individual and who pretty much said in a...
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    Specific Remove two people.

    And if I can say to asahid, that I wasn't happy with it, (as you suggested) then how come I cannot ask you to finish what you started? Doesn't really make sense. But it's okay you don't have too if you don't want too, obviously. And if you hadn't, I wasn't gonna make a peep.