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    Forum signature tutorial

    TY Chrisx ...I did make that sig by trying some of what you had posted, ~ I'll give this another go before I bug ya lol TY for the offer and I'll defo take you up on that if I can't figure something out :D Great work on the tut, I'm just a bit slow at this; but loving every second of it :)
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    Exploding Planet

    That's really great work...hershy :)
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    Question about Plugins

    Yes, it is compatible, but I have Paint Shop Pro and i've already directed it to that prior to owning Photo Shop. I was wondering can both of my programs share the same plugin.... :)
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    Forum signature tutorial

    I couldn't figure out a lot of what u said, but it's ok, I can't complain, I'm having too much fun :)
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    Basic Pen tool tutorial | Inkz

    When u say to click ctrl and left click my mouse, the line goes everywhere and not to the shape of the design...what am I doing wrong?
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    Basic Pen tool tutorial | Inkz

    Thanks for this tut :) I look forward to one with a cartoon character ~ that would be fun :)
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    Question about Plugins

    I have Eye Candy and some other plugins I have use for Paint Shop Pro, but is there a way I can share them with PhotoShop as well?
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    Free/Cheap Alternatives to Photoshop

    thanks so much for the inspiration Zeealex.. and tyvm for these links mattattack347 :) I do have Jasc Paint Shop Pro and have used it for some time without classes/instructions (my bad), but when I bought this computer, it had Adobe Photoshop 7 and I was very apprehensive to open it up. I got...
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    hello ev1 :)

    Thanks for such a comprehensive forum..I am green to Photoshop and I so look forward to learning this exciting software. I don't even know if the version I have is good to work with. It's Adobe Photoshop's not a C Series...can u tell me if I need to get a new program? I sure hope this is...