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Question about Plugins

When you install your plug-ins it should automatically detect Photoshop, I just did a quick search and I assume the Eye Candy plugin I saw is the same as the one you're talking about... it looks to be compatible
Yes, it is compatible, but I have Paint Shop Pro and i've already directed it to that prior to owning Photo Shop. I was wondering can both of my programs share the same plugin.... :)


Dear Departed Guru and PSG Staff Member
You should be able to just drop it in the Photoshop plugins folder. It would be located in Programs/ Adobe/Plugins. My thought is that most of them are made for both. I have PSP 5 but rarely use it. I'll experiment with it and see what I find.
You made need to quit ps And restart in order to take effect Photoshop needs to pick up plug-ins at the start up