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  1. P

    Uninstalling ON1 extension

    I recently installed Photoshop 2020 and it picked up the ON1 extension from a previous version. I don't want this so I uninstalled it but the extension is still in the list as 'ON1' when I click 'Window->Extensions'. I have searched the C drive and deleted every ON1 folder with any remaining...
  2. richardrosenman

    Electra v1.0 officially released.

    Hi gang; I've finally released my latest commercial plugin called Electra. Electra is a powerful Photoshop plugin for generating electric rays, lightning bolts, electrical charges, power currents and much more. Electra is fast, packs a rich feature-set and is fully-integrated within Adobe...
  3. richardrosenman

    DOF PRO v5.0 officially released.

    Hey gang! I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of Check out the DOF PRO v5.0 (Depth of Field Generator PRO), the undisputed leader in photorealistic depth of field effects for Adobe Photoshop and compatible hosts. DOF PRO v5.0 has had its core functionality greatly expanded...
  4. M

    How to animate/cartoon yourself

    Hey I've practiced on a few techniques from tutorials but I'm really liking how this was done on this cover here. Anyone have any tips on how to achieve this look in photoshop, is this a plugin or something?
  5. D

    Best image resizing plugins? Pros and cons.

    Image resizing is an important part of image processing work. There is a huge array of different methods with different benefits and sometimes abhorrent artifacts. I'm new to Photoshop but I'm impressed with the wide array of enlargement plugins available. A few enlargement plugins have been...
  6. D

    Is there a Photoshop plugin with additional transform resampling filters?

    I'm from a VFX background (working with compositors) and I'm fairly new to Photoshop. I notice when performing transforms that there are only a few resampling options available (Nearest Neighbor, Bilinear and some Bicubic variants). Is there a plugin available to provide additional filters...
  7. T

    Redfield plugin FineTouch(X32).8bf no longer lworking .

    Help. Redfield plugin FineTouch(X32).8bf used to work perfectly on Pshop 11 and Paint shop pro 4, until I had to reinstall my operating system. Now it doesn't work. I've tried everything, downloaded a fresh exe installer from redfield it doesn't work. Peculiarly all the other free ones worked...
  8. M

    Is there a free plugin that's similar to Fractarlius?

    Are there any free plugins that are similar to Fractarlius? I want to try an effect I have seen but unable to buy at this time.
  9. S

    swirl 2.0

    HI, I've lost a plugin called swirl 2.0 (it is an old plugin ) . could you help me? Thanks Patrizio
  10. B

    Automatic crop 4 photos from a scan

    Hello Does anyone know a photoshop or gimp plugin that can automatically detect photos from a scanned page and crop and save them as new images? Exactly: I have scanned old photographs. I always have put 4 of them onto the A4 scanner. Now it is a lot of work to open all these scans and select...
  11. gedstar

    Photoshop Elements Plugin ElementsXXL

    Just came across this, thought it may be useful for anybody that uses Photoshop Elements According to the website ElementsXXL adds up to 430 powerful features to Photoshop Elements for Windows
  12. T

    FFT Plugin for Macs by Dj Joofa being made available

    I thought it would be valuable to Mac users to post that there is a free FFT plugin filter for Macs being made available (OSX 10.10.+ on PS CC 2015). Dj Joofa has developed this filter and an early version is available for free if you contact him at I did exactly that and...
  13. Tom Mann

    Anyone recognize the smartphone app to give this waxy, almost cartoon-like effect?

    A friend asked if I knew what cell phone app or web-based editing program was used to give the waxy, crayon-like, almost cartoonish appearance to the attached image. I'm not talking about the shallow DOF, the green from the Hg vapor lights in the ceiling, the general blur, or any of the other...
  14. richardrosenman

    Ultraflares v1.0 released

    Hey gang; I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of Ultraflares v1.0, the ultimate lens flare and light studio for Adobe Photoshop and compatible hosts! Backed by over a year and a half of research and development, Ultraflares boasts some of the most advanced and realistic...
  15. J

    PSE13-64bit and .8bf plugin filter files

    I'm a complete newbie that just bought PSE13-64bit and I have it installed on my Win8-64bit OS. I have a ton of 32bit plugin filter files (*.8bf) and when I drop them in the PSE13 plugin folder, they never show up in the Filter> section within the PSE13-64bit software. Please help me figure...
  16. richardrosenman

    MBL PRO (Motion Blur Lab PRO) v1.1 released.

    Hey gang! I'm pleased to announce my popular MBL PRO plugin for Adobe Photoshop or compatible hosts has been finally released as a 64 bit application. MBL PRO (Motion Blur Lab PRO) is an Adobe Photoshop (or compatible host) plugin capable of producing high-quality, multi-directional and...
  17. mikecox

    How to upgrade RAW plug in

    I just updated PsCC but when I tried to edit a Lr image in Ps I got a warning the the RAW plugin was out of date, with the instruction to go to the Ps Help menu and click update. But Ps has already been updated, I just need to update the RAW plugin. How do I do that?
  18. richardrosenman

    Lumiere v2.0 released.

    Hey gang! I'm pleased to announce my popular Lumiere plugin for Adobe Photoshop has been updated to v2.0 and, more importantly, finally released as a 64 bit application. Lumiere is an extremely powerful plugin for Adobe Photoshop that generates advanced glow effects. Lumiere can produce...
  19. richardrosenman

    3D Sphere PRO v2.0 released.

    Hey gang! I'm pleased to announce my 3D Sphere PRO plugin for Adobe Photoshop has been updated to v2.0 and, more importantly, finally released as a 64 bit application. 3D Sphere PRO is a versatile plugin for Adobe Photoshop that generates 3D spheres. 3D Sphere PRO boasts a...
  20. richardrosenman

    Lens Corrector PRO v1.5 released.

    Hey gang! I'm happy to announce my very popular Lens Corrector PRO plugin for Adobe Photoshop has been updated to v1.5 and, more importantly, finally released as a 64 bit application! This the first of my many commercial plugins to be released in 64 bit. Lens Corrector PRO is a powerful...