1. J

    Need Help with .NEF plugin - CS5

    Hey guys. i'm having a bit of a problem. I know that in the past I have been able to open .NEF on my computer through Photoshop. Now this week and friend shot some pics with his Nikon and gave me the .NEF for me to work on them. Now my Photoshop tells me that those files can't be open. I went on...
  2. U

    After Effects Plugin for generating the entire audio waveform seekbar?

    Is there any plugin or extension for After Effects, that is designed for generating the entire audio waveform seekbar? I've heard about the audio spectrum visualizer plugins for After Effects, but I haven't heard anything about the waveform seekbar generators. Perhaps this feature is already in...
  3. A

    Looking for extension or plugin *-*Please HELP

    Hi there, There is a program named Krita. It has lots of brushes so you can do extremely beatiful pictures with it. It has brushes that exists in following site: Mod note: This link does not work but new members are not allowed to post links until the required posts are met. Post a usable link...
  4. V

    How to make effect of sunset

    Hello! Please give me advice ... how to get a similar effect? I would be grateful for links to some lessons, actions, plugin etc. Thank you and have a good day :)
  5. S

    Eye Candy

    While I'm generally not a fan of filters outside of the default PS features as they can leave a gap in your skills if they become corrupted, or you're using a copy of PS without them installed and you haven't bothered to learn to create the effect manually, there are some effects which can only...
  6. S

    Who knows a better pointillizing method or plugin?

    Hello, Thanks in advance for your time and trying to help me. I've been looking all over for hours for a way of doing this, and I haven't had any luck. I'm trying to create a B&W pointillized photograph similar to the type of effect you get when you do it using a pen or fineliner. The...
  7. T

    Question about Plugins

    I have Eye Candy and some other plugins I have use for Paint Shop Pro, but is there a way I can share them with PhotoShop as well?
  8. R

    Updating smart objects across multiple psd's instantly?

    Has anyone come across a way or a plugin that can update smart object across multiple pad's. exactly the same way that InDesign updates images linked to the library. How this would help, when working accord multiple templates pages and you need to change 1 button on all multiple pages you...
  9. M

    Trying to import .mov with alpha in PS CS5

    Hi Everyone, I'm new here but I've got an interesting problem. I'm trying to import a .mov that has alphas imbedded in it. (ex. smoke separated from a black background) In PS CS3 this was a basic function out of the box. I've just had a chat with the Adobe techs online and they have informed...
  10. ilovemyson

    filter or plugin? do you know?

    Hi everyone? I can't make photos like this colors? Filter or plugin? Do you know? Thanks
  11. Dennis Crombie

    fun stuff

    made with filters I made available at... *Link removed this one became my album cover... *Link removed
  12. A

    (ask Help) Need link for free Photoshop Plugin

    I need a link for Free Photoshop Plugins of AlienSkin Exposure 2 or 3 and polaroid/blown highlights filter..thanks a lot Dude
  13. ///Mostarac

    Plugin installation help.

    Hello all. I'm new to the photoshop forums! I've done some searching on a few different forums and found that this was the most popular and that none of the forums have had my problem previously posted. My problem is that I just downloaded the plugin called Alien Skin Exposure for CS5. I...
  14. P

    Does any one recognize this plugin or filter?

    Does anyone recognize this plugin or filter? I am attaching 2 jpgs - hope it works - it is my first attachment. Thanks!
  15. B

    Photoshop Layer Efects Plugin

    Hi all, Does anybody knows about the plugin which helps easy manage the layer scale effects. I mean after scaling the multiple linked layers something that will scale effects of the scaled layers or to multiple layers by user selection on them at once. I don't need to convert my layers to smart...
  16. A

    Kaleidoscope plugin?

    What are some free filters/plugins that will create a mandala or Kaleidoscope effect?
  17. I

    photo studio plugin????

    Morning all, im an experienced graphic designer but new to this forum and seeking a bit of help... I'm looking for a pluggin for photoshop cs5, or a stand alone app that will take a piece of artwork like pdf or jpg and bring it into a photographers studio to get perspective lighting ect...