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FFT Plugin for Macs by Dj Joofa being made available


I thought it would be valuable to Mac users to post that there is a free FFT plugin filter for Macs being made available (OSX 10.10.+ on PS CC 2015). Dj Joofa has developed this filter and an early version is available for free if you contact him at djjoofa@yahoo.com

I did exactly that and gave the plugin a try. I only have very early results yet so far pretty impressed. I have included a before and after shot of an image of me from many decades ago that has a regular pattern on the scanned print. It removed the pattern quite well and I believe I can also get rid of the edge effect that I see in the result.

Dj Joofa will be also making the plugin available on Joofa's website once it is updated with the new information (if you want to wait for that it will be at djjoofa.com in the downloads section)

Finally some FFT oxygen for the new OS and newer PS for Macs!

FYI - thought Mac users would want to know.

BTW - I am not related to Dj Joofa and get no benefit for sharing this information.

John Wheeler

The results are best viewed at 200% magnification to see how well the pattern was removed.

Thank you for posting that info, John. I'm not a Mac guy, but I'm sure the folks who are will make good use of the info.

Best regards,

Tom M
Also, if, by any chance u could speak about the details of removing the narrow Fourier peaks (eg, which peaks in the plane u selected, how much area around each peak did u include, did u zero each peak or did u set it to be an average of the surrounding background, etc.), I'm sure that many people would profit from your thoughts.

Thanks for the feedback Tom. I am pretty new at the FFT plugin and am experimenting on what approach works best for removing the pattern and also minimizing the edge effects. Dj Joofa also could license some commercial code that could get rid of the edge effects and indicated that he would do so if the donations he receives allows him to make such a purchase. In the meantime I am looking at work arounds for minimiing edge effects and maximizing repeated pattern reduction. Will post back when done with the initial experiments including along the lines you have suggested.
I was able to get rid of the edge anomalies and here are the basic steps. My intent here is not to duplicate the tutorials that Dj Joofa linked when you get the plugin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUqsm9_iCbQ

I start with the original image which is converted to 16 bit mode RGB:


To avoid getting the edge effects, I want to repeat the texture pattern about 30% outside the image. So I increased the canvas size by 30% in width and height (15% per side), selected the transparent area, and then used the Edit > Fill > Content Aware Fill to get this image:


I then ran the Joofa FFT plugin and selected the red channel:


Knowing a little about signal processing I used a semi-soft brush set to black and filled in the stars in a regular and mirrored fashion around the center (note, even if I cold not see a star in one of the quadrants, yet I could find it in another quadrant, I made sure it was selected in all quadrants for an even/mirrored match all the way around:


I then ran the IFFT (Inverse FFT Plugin). Details in the video tutorial yet basically after running the IFFT you want to save the Green Channel only so delete the Red and Blue channels. Duplicate the green channel twice, and then use Image > Mode > RGB to covert this back to an RGB image.

You now have a B&W image without any of the color. When that has been done here is the larger size image that still has the edge anomalies:


Continued on next post
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Now I crop it down to the original size (and if you were smart you created the selection when you created the larger size canvas to begin with :) ). This removes the edge effects that were only in the expanded canvas area.

To return the color, add a copy of the original image on top and set the blend to Color (which takes the luminosity of the Layer that went through the FFT/IFFT process.


And then I added some ACR filter adjustments such as noise reduction and adding some clarity and adjustment brush on the black vest:


That came out pretty clean. Not sure this exact approach will work on every image since this is early attempts at a newbie with FFT yet I was pleased with the quick result.

For an easy comparison, here is the original image so it is right next to the fully processed image:


John Wheeler
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For days now I am desperately trying to get hold of this plugin, but have not succeeded. The Joofa website is not responding to any messages, nor is the djjoofa@yahoo.com mail address. Do you know of another way to get this plugin and have it properly registered ?