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    Is HDR still alive?

    Nothing)Simply interested in figures.
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    Is HDR still alive?

    I have the same impression. Wanted to make sure that others share my opinion.
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    Is HDR still alive?

    I didn't find any suitable new thread, so decided to start a new one. Actually, my first question is - is HDR photo still alive? If you check the internet, you'll find lots of materials, tutorials dating back to 2008-2012. There are several revival periods when companies introduce their producst...
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    Help for poster making

    Not sure if the help still needed. There is a quick option of making posters in It takes no more than 5 minutes and it's also free.
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    Could you please edit my picture?

    I believe it is possible to improve the brighter part with a clone stamp tool but the problem is that a photo would be more like a painting. Are you sure this is the effect you're lloking for?
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    Poor Editing?

    The first photo has its drawbacks too. At first it looks ok, but at a second glance I noticed that the eyelid is kinda overphotoshoped and it looks as if a liner floats in the air.
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    3D Chateau De PSG

    Good job :cheesygrin:
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    lighten only one side of a photo

    It'll be too grainy if you make it lighter. Probably you can apply black and white filter - the photo will look older but qaulity will be kinda saved if it's possible...
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    Free Music Resource

    :wave2: Thank you)
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    Free absolute beginners course available at Udemy

    Have you tried it? What are the results? I'm looking for some online courses since IRL are too expensive for me now.
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    Hello Everyone.

    Nice to meet you! What do you study?