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Recent content by Tiffer73

  1. Tiffer73

    Interface question: Copy clipboard to new document

    I apologize. I restarted Photoshop and it is working correctly now! I don't know what happened with that! Sorry! But thanks for helping! =)
  2. Tiffer73

    Interface question: Copy clipboard to new document

    Hi, I've just upgraded from 5.5 to CC. Just getting used to things. So, normally I would copy a selection from one document and do a "ctrl N" for new file from clipboard. I would click "new" and the new document would open and I would paste my clipboard instanly. Done. However, now the only...
  3. Tiffer73

    Made the jump from 5.5 to CC!!

    I've used Photoshop for many years until about 5 years ago when I dropped out of it for a while. Now I'm back and I've upgraded to CC! Some things are different but getting used to it! Thanks!