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    Lazy Nezumi Pro

    Apologies for waking up an old thread, and hi to Ged, but I have asked Guillaume (the guy behind LNP) about a Mac version, and he tells me it is unlikely ever to happen. It's nice that Photoshop now has native smoothing support, and it actually works quite well, but LNP is about so much more...
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    70s family photo effect

    I love the Camera RAW > fx > Grain effect. It does the best grain I have come across, and is also great for making painted in skin tones look real. Slightly at a tangent but the old but still valid 'Benji's 36 Rules of Portraiture' makes for interesting viewing, and has some nice, but slightly...
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    Adobe Photoshop Banner Challange

    The third round of the Adobe Photoshop forum banner challenge is now underway. We have til the end of the year to submit a design that fits the template Pete Green has provided. The Adobe forums get more than a million hits a day, from >350K active users, with Photoshop, Lightroom, and...
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    what laptop?

    I like to use eBay and our version of it TradeMe. You can use their extesive filters to home in on a short list which you can then research. I start off with Gaming laptops, because they have features that work well with Photoshop, and they have that economy of scale thing going on which makes...
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    It gets complicated when you have multiple objects moving independantly. I did the animation below as a tongue in cheek entry to the Photoshop forum banner challange, and I actually learned a new trick while doing so into the bargain. The easiest way to produce a frame animation is to...
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    I don't know anything about Elements, but I have done a few frame animations with Photoshop. It is not a particularly intuitive skill, and you basically have to work it out yourself, or ask on forums like this. You need to watch the relation ship between frames and layers, and which layer is...
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    Photoshop's new one button 'select subject' feature

    Would be nice, but don't hold your breath. Do you remember that amazing motion blur demo some years ago? It took at least three major releases before it was available as Shake Reduction under the Sharpen filters, but it was nothing like the demo. Do you remember that extract shadows sneak...
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    Interesting style but I don't know what it is called

    flickr gives you a lot of EXIF information, and in the case of the Hatton images, tells us they were taken with the Canon 135mm F2 lens wide open. That is one Canon's sharpest lenses. I have one, but in all truth, it rarely comes out of the bag. The EXIF also says that the flash did not fire...
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    How to edit a video

    Just use a screen shot/grab. Either hit the Print SCRN key if you have one, or if you use Windows, you have the Scissor tool, or can install the incredibly useful Greenshot software.
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    Do you guys use Flickr?

    It was my go to site for years, and I spent a lot of time on the Photoshop groups, but it became unusable when Yahoo (I think) took over and messed up the UI. My connection was admittedly pants at the time to be fair, but that would not have been the case for most people, so I am guessing that...
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    How do I achieve this style of digital painting in photoshop?

    We have been getting a good few threads on the Adobe forums about banding with soft brushes with the last two versions of Photoshop, and I am not inclined to rely on a soft brush to get a really feathered edge. Gaussian Blur finishes it off nicely, and is usually my preferred way to blend one...
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    Perfect Central Handle Position with Free Transform > Rotate

    Most things will snap into position in Photoshop whether to grid or guides, but something that annoyed me for a very long time was that I could get a perfect centre when using Free Transform > Step & Repeat revolving around an offset centre handle. This sort of thing. Even if you place a...
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    How do I achieve this style of digital painting in photoshop?

    An old buddy of mine was really into air brushing back in the day. In fact he is quite well known nowadays It weas facinating watching him cut out stencils with a scalple, and spread film over a surface and carefull cut out where the paint needed to go. I trained as a layout artist back in...
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    How do I achieve this style of digital painting in photoshop?

    I've always thought of this sort of work as similar to air brush art, but where they use stensils, we use masks. I like to use lots of layers — even if you are not using all the layers to build the finished art work, I find it super convenient to be able to quickly load each selection by Ctrl...
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    How do I achieve this style of digital painting in photoshop?

    I use two approaches depending on context. Never forget how useful Layer Styles are. Rather than use a Bevel & Emboss layer style, try using two Inner Shadow (so long as you are using CC). Set one to black and multiply as per the defualt, and thew other to white and screen. The advantage of...