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    Before & After #1

    Big change from the original. I like what you did with the lighting, but I think it would look a little better with more shadow on the front of the elephant and also on his legs, and maybe also darken around the edges of the image to bring more attention to the center. I played whit it a...
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    Bending text

    Or you can make the text follow along a path. You can draw a circle with the shape tool, or a path with the pen tool... then type text along it and the baseline of the text will follow the path.
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    Photoshop guru's official tutorials?

    Cool video Gaus! The Logo is a bit hard to see most of the time, and t could use a tag line like "Photoshop Tutorials" or something under the PSG lettering, but it's a great start.
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    Sorry, another stupid question... Attach file/pic???

    There is a limit but it's very large.... you should be able to post almost any JPG. When you try to upload it do you get a red "x" by the name of the file? If so, hover your mouse over it and see what it says.
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    New to photoshop

    Thanks for sharing your images. It would be interesting to see the "before" pics as well if you have them.
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    Painter-style color wheel

    Hi Rogue, thanks for sharing this. I'll check it out.
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    Problem using HDR Toning in CS5

    Hi Albodo, what color space are you working in?
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    Welcome... to the REAL world

    Hello Neo101, welcome to the forum.
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    Realistic background replacement

    Hmm, that's going to be a lot of work on the reflections/lighting on the car. Is this job $25 per image and you have a lot of images that need to be done?
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    sedhuBI--- a newbie

    Thanks for sharing your pics.
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    How to make cartoonish like picture?

    Search around for an action to do it.... there's a lot of them on the web. You may want to cut out the truck from the background if you are going for something like in your first pic. It will be easier to apply the effects to just the truck and get it looking the way you want it. If you...
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    Color matching help

    Rogue has an excellent point. IF you have the RAW files for these pics just play with the white balance settings inside ACR and you can correct it easily. If you don't have RAW files, maybe this video Yutosi posted can help...
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    need help drawing in an elliptical shape

    Wow, that's an old thread to bump there ronnier38930. I am closing this.
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    How do I make the airbrush tool more smooth when I save it as an animated GIF?

    When you save the .gif how many colors are you allowing? Try 256 and see if it helps.