1. W

    Photoshop CC 2014 / Intuos tablet causing PS to freeze (PLEASE HELP!)

    Hi folks, I've recently run into a serious issue that has stopped my workflow in its tracks. It has to do with some bizarre incompatibility issues between Photoshop CC 2014, Wacom Intuos tablets and Windows 8.1. I do not exactly know which one of those is the culprit, so here are some details...
  2. mikecox

    Uninstalling versions of Ps CC

    I assume the 2014 version is more current, I'm note sure what the extra version is.
  3. mikecox

    My first question? Why is my Profile/general tab different

    I was reading a tutorial the other day and the Profile image that was used was different from mine. I'm confused by the number of version of Ps I have in the Programs folder. There is Ps CC (64bit) dated 6/14, Ps CC dated 6/14 and Ps CC 2014 dated 10/14. I am assuming that 2014 is the current...
  4. B

    whats the difference between Photoshop cc & Photoshop CC 2014??

    whats the difference between Photoshop cc & Photoshop CC 2014?? Any idea?? its confusing .Why so many releases with in short span?? Any one can explain it please ??
  5. MrToM

    Font Preview in CC & CC 2014

    Previewing and selecting fonts in Photoshop has never been a slick affair at the best of times and for me Adobe's latest 'upgrade' just makes the whole process even more annoying. I'd rather place my wedding tackle in the mouth of a lion whilst flicking his love spuds with a wet towel. This is...
  6. MikeMc

    NFL 2014 Season

    Its here...and I started during tonights game
  7. MrToM

    [Solved] PS CC 2014 Load Files into Stack...

    Its probably me again but the 'Load Files into Stack...' script in PS CC 2014 doesn't seem to want to play. [ With no document open and loading a list of 5 images ] I get two documents created, one with just the last file in the list opened and the other with a blank layer, the same image as...