1. P

    Abstract Art ( Dont have a good name for this)

    I like making abstract art. This is something I made a while ago. I think it looks okay not looking for critiques or anything but maybe the forum can give this a name or maybe suggest improvements. Would also like to connect with other people who have an interest in abstract art such as this! :)
  2. N

    (NEED HELP) abstract acryl/oil painting effect

    Hello :) I'm going crazy with this one. I just can't figure out how this works :banghead: I've tried with different brushes, but I don't know how to get this fluid effect with those vibrant colours. I've been trying to figure it out for days now with no luck. I'd be thankful for ANY tips...
  3. Paul

    Playing with warp and other tools.

    Original image, it is called wave rock by the Aboriginal people carved by massive rivers many many years ago, bit like how the grand canyon was made. I used the tools in PS to create this abstract image. The idea was to keep with the Aboriginal theme, and use vibrancy in colour as they...
  4. D

    Unable to apply abstract profiles as part of an action.

    Hello - new member here, I am using CS6 on Windows 7. When I try to convert to profile specifying an abstract profile in an action I get an error message: "could not complete the command because of a program error" Has anyone here been able to do this? Thanks Dr. B.
  5. P

    Creating Abstract Designs like this

    ANy idea how to make the background image? The outline with pen tool? the background image looks layered and colors are not gradients. If you know any tutorial related to this kind of design, please kindly share with me too! Thanks!
  6. K

    Hello Fellas..!

    I am new here...! before signing up in this forum, i designed three text effects with the help of several websites..! And i hope i could do a lot more here..! Abstract FX Text Effect Particle Flame Text Effect RAWZ Light Effects
  7. locator3000

    Abstract -photoshop cs5- art

    This is an abstract picture of reese witherspoon. A photoshop speed art can be found on my youtube channel: youtube.com/locator3000
  8. V

    Create a Beautiful Abstract Portrait in Photoshop

    In this Psd tutorial, author Wojciech Pijecki will combine several stock images to create an artistic, abstract portrait of a woman. If you are looking to take your photo manipulation and illustration skills to the next level then View Now Tutorials Details * Program: Adobe Photoshop...
  9. P

    White Tiger w/purple and black abstract background

    I am looking for some artwork for my fiances. Basically, she loves white tigers and the colors purple and black. I wanted to surprise her with some cool artwork in addition to having it applied to a cell case. The artwork must be geared to fit the case in the following link, meaning the...
  10. V

    Create an Abstract Composition Using Vexel Techniques

    In this Psd tutorial, author Constantin Potorac will demonstrate how to create a colorful abstract vexel composition using the Pen Tool in Photoshop. If you are looking to take your illustration skills to the next level then. View now Tutorials Details Program: Adobe Photoshop CS4+...
  11. Paul


    I have been playing around with a few tools and i came up with this. original and then my twist on it.:)