1. E

    How was this text texture created?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone would know how the texture on this text could be achieved in PS? Thanks a lot for any help with this Jim
  2. A

    Question on image edits

    Hi, I am new to editing my own photos and my goal is to achieve the look of these photos below. I have played around with exposure, contrast, and all the basics and have not achieved this so far. The edits below have some sort of 'luminance' that I can not seem to figure out. Any sort of...
  3. D

    Help with hair selection?

    Hi, I've been trying to improve with photoshop. I always had issues with hair selection. I've been using refine edge (can't use color range) and this is the best i've achieved so far: Can I get a bit of help? What can I do better? This is the original image:
  4. J

    How has this effect been done?

    Hi Please can someone tell me how this effect has been achieved in the attached photo? Many thanks!
  5. P

    Looking for some advice on recreating a similar composition.

    Hey Guys I have found a composition online and and find myself intrigued to replicate a similar aesthetic. I was wondering firstly your thoughts as to whether something like this is achieved in Photoshop and if so what sort of tips you would recommended, tutorials to check out etc. Thanks in...
  6. Paul

    Lighting effects.

    Could this type of studio lighting effect be achieved with standard flood lighting?
  7. M

    How is this focus effect achieved?

    Hello, I need to reproduce the banner on top without the white overlay from the source photo underneath it. How is the blurring/depth of field effect achieved? Thank you. - Michael
  8. S

    Brushes Help with finding a brush please! :)

    Hello I am new to this forum (hello!) and need some help please in finding a brush to use to emulate the strokes seen in the sample attached. I've found some brushes which can make the larger splodges but am struggling to find a brush which makes the longer (smudgier) strokes. Do you think it...
  9. A

    How was this effect achieved?

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone can give me the precise steps into achieving this photoshop effect... I will show the before and after image so you all know what I'm talking about... It's two seperate images taken and are blended together... But I'm not sure how the artist "smudge" the...
  10. P

    How is this Photoshop effect achieved?

    Does anyone know how to achieve this effect in Photoshop? At first I thought it was airbrushed but it looks like they did something else to it.