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adding images

  1. ItHurtsWhenIP

    How's this done ?

    I'm a total newbie to Photoshop. So please bear with my naive questions ! I've attached two images. Can someone point out to a tutorial on how I could create such an image. It's mostly adding two different images on a clean background (Sorry for writing in plain English as I'm not familiar...
  2. K

    Please add missing family member for Christmas gift

    Hi, My husband was working and missed this great family snap. Could you possibly add him to this family pic please? Would like to order a small canvas print as a Christmas gift ASAP, and the guy who said he could do this 'simple edit' (his words) for us by today has fallen through. Thanks so...
  3. M

    trying to add same design from ine image to another can anyone help

    the red car on the left i have been working on for at leat 48 hrs im tring to the the red car look like the one on the right (second image) the big problem is whatever i do the image does not look real and i can not get the design on the second image to go on the first please can someone help, i...