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Please add missing family member for Christmas gift



My husband was working and missed this great family snap. Could you possibly add him to this family pic please? Would like to order a small canvas print as a Christmas gift ASAP, and the guy who said he could do this 'simple edit' (his words) for us by today has fallen through.

Thanks so much!

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Yes, I can't get it to upload. :(

I'm thinking that if I have to reduce it to such a small res photo that it will look no good on a canvas anyway. Thoughts?
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Hi Kelly,

I'm afraid I'm somewhat the bearer of bad news.
You provided us two good high res photo's but there's a huge obstacle, namely the conflicting lighting of the two photo's.
The family photo I will call A is taken under the tree canopy casting a diffuse light on the subjects with no facial shadows. Vaguely there's some light coming from the top left side, away from the tree canopy.
The photo is evenly lit.

A example.jpg

The photo of your husband, I will call it B, is a nightmare for every retoucher.
It is taken at high noon in full sunlight. The very hard light is coming from the top right side casting a lot of hard shadows, particulary facial shadows.

B example.jpg

The next picture is how I suppose you did wanted the composition

AB example.jpg

You see now the conflicting lighting making the blending unnatural.

Maybe you have or can make a new photo of your husband in the conditions of the family photo?
Yeah your right to much work involved, would be good if the OP could get another photo taking with suitable lighting :thumbsup:
Nah, the dark/light contrast is still visible.
Its a pity, good family photo contra a full sun photo. Unless there's a reason for no photographer likes heavy sunlight.
Interesting, i'm trying to change the hard light to soft light (only on the face) hard one.... the other problem is trying to match the direction of light, because of the posture on the guy (same as the other guy) i cant mirror him or the result is extremily odd XD.

This is what i get at the moment on the face.

Another serious problem i see while chanching the shadow is the eyes, they're pitch black and dont match with the new light.

Thats because he's squeezing his eyes facing the hard sunlight.
Then there's the shadow under his nose, his collar and his back...to much hard shadows...
Wow! You have done an amazing job with what you had to work with. Thank you so very much. Is it possible to get a link to better resolution version please? Thanks again. You are wonderful!

I know this is fussy, so please only do if it's really easy.. My hubby is shorter/smaller (a little) than my brother squating opposite him. If it's easy, could we make hubby just a little smaller (faces similar size) ?