1. C

    Paid Need two brothers added to photo and background changed 50.00

    My beloved FIL (in the red shirt with my husband and white shirt smiling like the sun) and one of his brothers ( in his uniform and with his wife on the anniversary before his passing) passed away last year suddenly exactly 6 months apart. My husband was beyond devastated. 5 siblings remain and...
  2. L

    Restoration Lighten photo and remove spots

    I would like for it to be lightened up so its easier to see my mom and the little spots to be removed. Thank you for any time you invest to this for me!!
  3. C

    Hi Everyone!! Glad to be here

    Hello, My name is Cristina and I am very excited to have found this forum. I have been photographing my 4 children for 11 years and I have decided to branch out. Friends recently asked if I could photograph their family so I am looking forward to improving my photography and perhaps taking on...
  4. Pipsmom

    Guys I need you

    Friends, I'm asking for a edit. I would do it myself but in no shape nor mind right now as I lost my son to a car wreck I'm asking my dear friends to do me a big favour. The family picture- remove the two standing in the background but try to keep the background color the same...
  5. B

    Edit exposure/shadows

    Hi All, Can someone edit this photo an brighten the faces and detail in the shadows of this family photo? Thank you!
  6. R

    my baby doesnt smile!

    We went for a recent family photoshoot and my daughter just would not smile during the family photos!! I have a couple of her from the shoot where she Is smiling but I was wondering if anyone could please please alter the photos so I have one with her smiling too! Thank you to anyone who has a...
  7. P

    Family Picture - Probbly the last.

    Due to ill health we got what maybethe last family picture taken off all off us on Sunday. It was unplannedand not well thought out. Can the man in the middle of the second picture, the one with the hand on the womanshoulders, be added into the main picture just to the left of the woman...
  8. S

    Please help me crop and restore my grandfather's photo for his funeral service!

    Hi all, My heroic grandfather passed away last night. After diagnosis two weeks ago of having liver cancer the doctors told the family he has a few months to live, then after a couple of days only days to live and then another day goes by and it turned out to be hours to live and very quickly...
  9. D

    1800s Family Photo

  10. D

    Family Project Request Please

    Hello, This photo is from 1981. Over time the photo has taken on a sepia tone. Could someone please restore this to its original state? It is for a family project and would mean a lot. Thank you.
  11. D

    70s family photo effect

    So, I want to make one of those awkward family photos for a christmas card this year. I know how what needs to be done to get the effect, but I just don't really know HOW to achieve it. The old grainy and washed out effect is giving me a lot of problems and I was wondering if anyone knows of a...
  12. K

    Please add missing family member for Christmas gift

    Hi, My husband was working and missed this great family snap. Could you possibly add him to this family pic please? Would like to order a small canvas print as a Christmas gift ASAP, and the guy who said he could do this 'simple edit' (his words) for us by today has fallen through. Thanks so...
  13. S

    Please help. Family photo

    Please can you help. Had family photo done of my son and his cousins. Got two photos but can't use either. Was wondering if anyone could swap bits round in them to make one amazing photo.
  14. D

    Help mom have all 4 kids smile in one pic

    My youngest doesn't ever cooperate for family pictures...all I want for Christmas is a family photo of all of us looking in the same direction and not crying haha please help! I attached the family pic where 5 of us, and 2 dogs, are good....and a photo that I'm at least happy with the lil boy...
  15. R

    Family Photo Help

    Hi there, I am hoping someone would be able to help me out. My girlfriend who is working on her photography skills took some wonderful photos of my family. The catch she wasn't able to get a great shot of all of us, understandable as my son is 7 months old and lets be honest taking great pics...
  16. G

    Can you place my mom with us in the family picture

    Hi, I really need help. We wanna update our family photo but sadly my mom isn't in our house since she's working overseas. I tried editing on my own but my attempts failed so bad that its really evident due to the quality of photo my mom gave.
  17. Hoogle

    Merry Xmas PSG And Update on me...

    So some of you may be wondering where I am and how I am keeping my title, Well the truth is I do not know why I still have my title but I can explain where I have been. The best part of the last year I have been in and out of Hospital due to a condition called Tumor lysis syndrome amongst many...
  18. E

    Photoshop request!

    Hello! Help please! I would like to have the picture below photoshopped to a) remove the shadows from the faces of the 2 females furthest right and b) Add some shadows (or contrast?) to the man on the right. This special family photo was taken on a beautiful summer day earlier this year and I'd...
  19. Paul

    New camera

    Fathers day here this weekend so the family got me a new camera. Ladies and gentlemaids i give you :cheesygrin:D810A
  20. A

    Modify head shot to print on T-shirt (was: Special request for photoshop pros)

    I am in charge of creating t-shirts for my family reunion this year, and I work for a printing company. I have a photo of a friend that I want to convert to black and white to print on the front of a t-shirt, but i have no clue how to do it properly. I can supply the photo if one of you can...