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Please help me crop and restore my grandfather's photo for his funeral service!

Steve Roman

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Hi all,
My heroic grandfather passed away last night. After diagnosis two weeks ago of having liver cancer the doctors told the family he has a few months to live, then after a couple of days only days to live and then another day goes by and it turned out to be hours to live and very quickly hours to minutes. It was only the day before yesterday he had his last dinner which he was able to eat all by himself and still maneuver around. The entire family is so shocked and upset watching how fast he had deteriorated as his urinary system collapsed and to pass.

I know now he is not suffering and someone from above will look after him. He had experienced and done so much whilst he had been alive. He served in the Yugoslavian army as a young boy and later to elope with my grandmother at a young age then to migrate to Sydney, Australia for a better life and to build a family. My grandparents have watched and raised two children, my mother and uncle and then raised five awesome grandchildren including me who dearly all miss him very very much!

So I am the second oldest grandchild and have been given the difficult task to urgently restore and crop a photo of my grandfather for his upcoming TBA funeral service.

I have scanned the raw photographs of my grandmother and grandfather and wish for some help in cropping and restoring my grandfathers photo so it can be viewed and used for his funeral service and home.

There are three photographs and wish to see what you can come up with! Perhaps Oval or standard size photographs.


Tom Mann

My condolences to you and your family.

Here's yet another version. This one is of the two of them, cropped to a landscape format, up-rez'ed to a version that can be printed directly in a standard 8x10" size (at 300 ppi) and inserted immediately into a standard 8x10" frame, or a larger frame with an 8x10" mat. I included a 5% black border in case you use a mat, the border should fit behind the mat so that as little as possible of the image is obscured by the mat. I straightened the original, and did some dust removal and color correction, as well as a bit of burning and dodging to even out the lighting.


Tom M

PS - Don't forget to double click on the in-forum preview to view the full rez version. If you like it, be sure you download that version for printing, not the much smaller preview version.


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