1. MentosCubing

    Having some fun in a video chat during self-quarantine.

    TL;DR: -- I'm out of school for at least the next three weeks due to the global pandemic, but one of our teachers (easily everyone's favourite) set up a video call that we could all choose to join and hang out for a while. We chatted nicely for a while and played an online board game. What I'm...
  2. potamia

    Live By Night - Alternative Movie Poster

    Live by Night - Alternative Movie Poster
  3. M

    Help with a poster design

    Hello Gurus, im hoping you guys can help me out with a present for a friend, i want to give him a poster with this kind of style: ->> But with these lyrics from Showtek: This is what I love.. And can't stop loving. Get wasted at parties, from nine 'till seven in the morning I live for the...
  4. O

    Hi I'm Oliver.

    Hello, my name is Oliver. Camera gear was stolen 5 years ago, just got back into photography and got a new camera. I used to shoot a lot of 35mm, maybe thats why I had never been a fan of Post, but I've come around and just bought PS and LR. I live in East Texas (Tyler), and I am currently...
  5. S

    Please help me crop and restore my grandfather's photo for his funeral service!

    Hi all, My heroic grandfather passed away last night. After diagnosis two weeks ago of having liver cancer the doctors told the family he has a few months to live, then after a couple of days only days to live and then another day goes by and it turned out to be hours to live and very quickly...
  6. Hoogle

    Earth From Space real time footage live now

    Not PS related but pretty cool all live feed from international space Station
  7. D

    Live Copying A Text Layer on multiple areas on the same PSD?

    Question: I need to live-Copy a Text Layer on multiple areas on the same PSD. For example take a look at the sample image (attachment): The same caption forms the background. My target is to change all of it by editing the master layer.., (and all salve layers with their own formatting will...
  8. Paul

    Long live the Queen

    Of F1 I meant:bustagut:
  9. insinuendo

    I Sent Up a Notorious Place I Used to Live Near

    I used to live near a rough part of town called "Hampden Park". I thought it deserved this. The picture of the people on the bench is a real picture from that area.
  10. P

    Hi ... my name is Poppie and I live in South Afria

    I am new to forums and to Photoshop.
  11. M

    Can't Figure it out how to live preview when changing color!

    Im a newbie to photoshop. But pretty good at After Effects. So until now i was making wallpapers on After Effects , now i want to learn about Photoshop. Im on Photoshop cc 2015 btw. So ive learned some basics. But i cant figure it out , is Paint Bucket only tool that you can put color on...
  12. R

    Photoshop youtube live battle! need 1 contestant

    Hey guys! 11. March at 22:00 GMT +1 (tomrrow!) I am hosting a live youtube event. - Photoshop battle. I need another contestant who is interested in joining in :) It's all just for fun. Right now we are 2 players and we need one more. The event is about: I will provide 3 images and a task. Then...
  13. dv8_fx

    Leonard Nimoy... passed away at age 83

    Sadness in the Star Trek Universe. I've always wanted to meet him as he was my favorite alien back in the 60's. Live long and prosper among the stars, Mr Spock......
  14. Tom Mann

    Post photos of recent weather in your area

    If you have photographed something that shows either typical or unusual weather you have been having in your area, why don't you post it in this thread. I'll start the thread off with a photo I took yesterday that shows the Potomac River nearly frozen over. I haven't seen it freeze over to...
  15. D

    Illustrator Live painting,different levels

    I am now approaching with live painting in Adobe Illustrator. My problem is that I need to put every colour into a different level,but I can't do it only selecting the new level like in photoshop. How should I do?
  16. F

    Illustrator Clipping paths not allowed for live paint?

    I'm needing to use the live paint tool but when doing so I get an error message. "The selection contains objects that cannot be converted. Live Paint groups can only contain paths and compound paths. Clipping paths are not allowed." I'm guessing its from the pen tool as this was the first...
  17. B

    After Effects Ready to go live with AE?

    Hey everyone. I've got a simple question wich probably doesnt have an easy anwere but here goes. I've promised i friend to make a simple 10 sek. movie for him to use in TV. Im working in Adobe AE and are pretty much finished. 720*576 Pal D1/DV Widescreen 25fps. Now when I got the tech spec I...