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    Specific [Specific] Hi guys, can anyone photoshop a photo for my grandma's funeral?

    Hi there, Can you remove the two children seated on my grandparents laps as my mom wants to use this photo of my grandma and her husband at her funeral... but.. they had way more children not featured in the photo and you know how family members can be! All you help very much appreciated,
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    Aloha! Looking for an edit to memorialize my recently deceased mother

    Hello! :-D Could someone please make this a solo portrait w the bar in the background? Can you Whiten her teeth a bit and remove the diamond ring on the ring finger. THaNK YoU!
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    Please help me crop and restore my grandfather's photo for his funeral service!

    Hi all, My heroic grandfather passed away last night. After diagnosis two weeks ago of having liver cancer the doctors told the family he has a few months to live, then after a couple of days only days to live and then another day goes by and it turned out to be hours to live and very quickly...
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    Funeral pic

    I know that I should add the picture straight here but I'm on my phone so this was the best I could do My friend past away and I was making a slide show I was trying to make it look like we was holding up 3 fingers. If anyone could help with that It would be much...
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    Funeral photo - stain removal?

    My mother-in-law died last week in a car accident, and I've been put in charge of the funeral slide show. A lot of the photos I was given were in bad shape, but so far I've been able to correct most of what I've come across except this one photo. There's a huge stain across half of her face, and...