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So some of you may be wondering where I am and how I am keeping my title, Well the truth is I do not know why I still have my title but I can explain where I have been.

The best part of the last year I have been in and out of Hospital due to a condition called Tumor lysis syndrome amongst many things, I was given a short life span ending in August this Year.

This was me on September 3rd 2015.

As you can see I do not look very dead there !!!!!!

Yes I completed a half marathon and did it quite well considering I had special medics on standby and was followed on a motorbike all the way round. Sure it took me 2 hours to run the 13 mile course but I was not going to be setting any records especially as I have a severe heart murmur on top of everything else (oh and against every bit of medical advice).

Unfortunately my health deteriorated rather quickly after that but not related to it as of December on November 27th I was taken into hospital to try and remove some tumors 1 severe 1 on my heart..... unfortunately I was not well enough for the 1st week and have had more surgeries to keep me alive than any I was actually there for, I have even been on life support.

My christmas miracle was the fact I was alive and I have been able to come home for the holidays, I am not sure how long I can stay here as I do need the Surgery still, but at least I am not in hospital for christmas. I can not endulge in food and alcohol but i feel like i have eaten more today than I have in an entire year. I have lost a lot of weight which is no bad thing.

As for christmas well I have not really done much it was a last min yes you can go home on the grounds that you look after yourself, ( The doctors know me i do try and achieve what i am told I can not do, but maybe I should take their advice) As far as presents go I am lucky enough to even be writing this... and the truth is my family and friends have spent so much money on hotels and accomodation, treatment etc, then I was not exactly expecting to get my Canon 1 DX camera lol.... Next years target.

Unfortunately It has not been a good year for me, due to ill health and loosing most my regular work I could not afford the rent increase on my appartment and ended up being evicted from there, I even spent a few weeks homeless, as i was to scared to ask for help from anyone. Of curse now I am back in the warmth with family and even staying with friends/ Girlfriend etc....

So yes I do have to go back into hospital, I should have been dead by now but I am not so not worried about anything I will come out a stronger person than I ever was ad i will find myself a marathon to run in 2016... Targets and dreams are keeping me aliveeeeeeee.

Then I will hopefully be able to get my 1dx camera next year when I am back on my feet in health and working properly again. #Never_Give_Up #Keep_Dreaming

My friends and girlfriend have been brilliant they even tag me as being with them when they go places on facebook, some even video call me when I cant go with them, I have been to several countries, Gigs, Races etc and never had to leave my bed.
Merry Christmas to you all and hopefully you will see more of me (not the best present to you guys I know.)
not a work of art but I am stuffed with turkey and pudding....
Hang on Hoogle. Nobody can even start to imagine what you've been through until now.

I wish you all the best, a Merry Christmas and hope to see more of you.

Next Christmas we will comment on the pics taken with your new camera.
Hi Hoogle

For the new year, I wish you a speedy recovery, but also a lot of willpower and courage to accept your illness and continue to carry out your desired plans as best you can.
I look forward to see some work from you soon.

All the best and kind regards

Hey hoogle, your post saddened me a bit, a lot can change in a few years. I'm glad I got back here so I could see this and post a reply.
I wish you a good recovery, may 2016 be a lot more positive for you than this year. Good luck, merry christmas and happy new year :)