1. agentmoeller

    before, a little during, and after....

    ... spent a little time doodling today. Done on the iPad, with Procreate.
  2. H

    help with a design. Any help is appreciated

    I am trying to just flip the left hand side of the H down so that points are on the bottom of the H. Cannot figure out for the life of me how to do this, Appreciate any help and time spent on this as it is for my classroom
  3. M

    Kylo Ren and Superman 45 min time spent on each

    Feedback and critique very appreciated!
  4. Paul

    Little Island just off the coast

    Spent a few days over at Rottnest, great place.
  5. Hoogle

    Merry Xmas PSG And Update on me...

    So some of you may be wondering where I am and how I am keeping my title, Well the truth is I do not know why I still have my title but I can explain where I have been. The best part of the last year I have been in and out of Hospital due to a condition called Tumor lysis syndrome amongst many...
  6. K

    Get rid of the Fuzzyness

    Around the borders of the blue lines you can see the fuzziness. Anyone know how to get rid of this because I have spent hours at no avail. It should be all smooth but I can't figure it out.
  7. F

    a simple question of colour ?

    i have a very simple image consisting of two boxes filled with two different colours how do i adjust these so that they are of equal tonal value ie if they were grayscale they would look identical sounds simple but i've spent two hours trying to do it and eyeballing is the best answer so far...
  8. G


    Hi I am new to photoshop, I will enjoy my time spent here :). Let's all get better together!