1. J

    Clean up image

    Please could someone inprove the quality of this image so that the txt is easier to read. Thanks in advance merry xmas
  2. Hoogle

    Merry Xmas PSG And Update on me...

    So some of you may be wondering where I am and how I am keeping my title, Well the truth is I do not know why I still have my title but I can explain where I have been. The best part of the last year I have been in and out of Hospital due to a condition called Tumor lysis syndrome amongst many...
  3. dv8_fx

    Merry christmas to everyone...

    Enjoy the best of this special day with your loved ones..... CHEERS!!!
  4. R

    Hi Gurus!

    Hi, My name is Jake and I am new to this forum. I hope everyone is well and has had a merry christmas o_0
  5. Cindy Grundsten

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  6. ibclare

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays GURUS! XMAS Tree ANIM

    Just a little something I felt inspired to do. I know not everyone celebrates Christmas but many celebrate the time of year. The darkest days come to an end and the light is lengthening. We shine our lights and hold festivities to brighten and warm the dark and the cold. Well, my culture is...