1. Paul

    Colorize B&W photo of negro and other dark skinned individuals (was: Colour me in)

    Usually it's a white family that gets the recoloured treatment, let's see how good you are at recolouring a coloured family in. Click image for slightly larger file.
  2. Paul

    Bomb test family recolour.

    Original late 40's bomb testing dummy family, your mission to colour them in.
  3. L

    Hi From Down Under!

    Hi, I'm Lil_Nomad, aka Thinj from NZ. I'm still a newbie, learning slowly and sometimes it feels painfully! I'm a hobby photographer and a full time fashion designer/label owner. I squeeze in photography around this, my family and life.:) Hoping to learn a bit on here, so many talented people!!
  4. S

    Please Help! Simple fix for FAB family recreated photo!

    Can someone please help me finish my little family project? All I need is the background from the childhood photo to go onto the recreated one and also, the sewn-on image on the blue jumper of the front little girl to go onto the adult blue jumper. Does that make sense? Hope you can help - I'm...
  5. A

    No. Flex. Zone

    Hey guys, I got a picture from the other weekend I really wanna post. The only problem is my Gf's mom and family follows me. . . Is there anyone who can do some funny editing or blurring with this picture so it's postable? Thanks.
  6. Godeshelm

    Hello from Idaho

    Hi everyone, new here! I'm a 30 year old photographer in northern Idaho. I don't know what the name would be for what I specialize in, but I do candid-style newborn photography that focuses on representing a family's real life - so I do whole family shoots, preferably heavily featuring their...
  7. K

    Extremely faded family image

    I’m using PhotoShop, V-6.0. I know it’s pretty antiquated by today’s standards but that‘s what I have to work with. I’ve recently acquired some old family photographs and many are in pretty sad shape to say the least. There are a few that I aquired that I feel are quit possibly beyond...
  8. Paul

    My two favourite things - besides family of course.

    I made this just for fun, i wonder whos who on the photo here?:)
  9. Paul

    Family pets

    Heres Woody, hes two years old and a very lazy hound:) But we love him:redface: