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  1. E

    Ice Cube Vader

    Hello,all! If anyone can make one photo of Darth Vader with the face of Ice Cube,I would be forever grateful...Thanks!
  2. Matt8444

    Truck swap

    Hey guys, im after a huge favour if anyone can assist. if someone has the time please could you put the yellow/white truck under the loader instead of the red one please? i would be hugely grateful thank you
  3. G

    Of two make one :(

    Hey guys! I have two fotos... on the one the left 3 ppl look good and on the other the two right once are sharper. If there would be a hero who could combine those so i have two smiling on the left and the other two in sharp on the right? :( I'd be forever grateful <3
  4. M

    The Fonz

    Could anyone here be able to stick a high viz jacket on the Fonz and a bird with feathers missing on his shoulder please. I would be so grateful gurus
  5. M

    Can anybody photoshop me with long hair please?

    I need some motivation to stay away from scissors and would love a picture of what my hair will look like when it grows out! If its not too difficult I would be super grateful if somebody could photoshop my hair down to maybe the 1st or 2nd line of the adidas logo. Thank you!
  6. M

    Can someone help with my picture

    Hi, I wanted to ask if someone could help me with this photo. I'd like to have a nice photo in my ID for once and the ones taken here in London are awful. Not sure it will work with the quality of the photo quite low, but if someone could help me with removing the light rays from the photo...
  7. K

    Please add missing family member for Christmas gift

    Hi, My husband was working and missed this great family snap. Could you possibly add him to this family pic please? Would like to order a small canvas print as a Christmas gift ASAP, and the guy who said he could do this 'simple edit' (his words) for us by today has fallen through. Thanks so...
  8. C

    Remove the glare on this pic and remove the guy on the right

    hello, i am the black shirt guy and the camera's lens was bad when pic was taken. if someone can fix these, that would be really grateful any other tweaks are also welcomed. cheers
  9. J

    What is this brush?

    Hello, does anyone know what is this brush? Or do you have any similar brush? If so I would be grateful if you share it with me. Thanks for any replies.
  10. S

    Help changing a letter please?

    Hi everyone, if anyone could be helpful enough to change the Y in both of these pictures to a G I would be grateful. Thanks
  11. T

    Halloween request

    Hi, Could you please remove some heads of the soldiers, and replace some of them with pumpkins? I would like to have a halloween design image. Thank you very much, I would be very grateful for your help. Here is the image: Thomas
  12. K

    Can you help me??

    Hello everyone. I have a YouTube channel and am in need of some help. i need a banner and logo made and was wondering if anyone can make one for me. My Channel is called SnapbackFitness. Can anyone Please help me i would be very grateful. here is the link to my channel...
  13. K

    Help and sorry

    Hello. I don't know where to turn as this is beyond my capabilities my motorcycle was stolen and this white truck is the culprit. If anyone can pull a plate number Id be super grateful. This is the best I have for now but please let me know if it's possible
  14. C

    I would be so grateful if someone could please photoshop my bro into the background?

    Hi, so for my brother's 21'st birthday I am making the layout of his invite a picture of him creepily walking photoshopped into a 'Monsters Inc' party. I have attached both images. I would have done it on Paint but I am so bad at it, and I don't have the faintest clue how to use Photoshop. I'd...
  15. J

    Changing Pattern to solid

    I know this is possible but there is no tutorial on how to do it what I want to do is change the fabric on the chair or make it into a solid keeping the curves and shadow there was a post that showed an example but didnt explain ..The last picture is from the post I saw doesnt explain how to do...
  16. M

    Can someone improve the following image - I will be most grateful

    Hi, Yesterday I've post an image and the amazing people in the forum improved it beyond my dreams. Today, I ask for a small favor. I play Warhammer for several years and in 2008 i've downloaded from the french site and set of pdf files for players. The problem is that the image quality is...