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please help

  1. T

    Specific Please put us in a picture together

    I want the two of us in a picture together! The boy in white and the boy in grey! (Also pls fix the black dot on my shirt)
  2. M

    Specific Bigger lips

    Can you please make this child’s lips bigger ? Especially the top! Thanks I’m advance 🙏
  3. D

    Specific skater

    Can anyone put this photo of mine jumping in somewere higher so it looks better? Than I can say that I can skate! thankkkkkkssss
  4. S

    Please Help!! Urgent!!!

    Hi. I am looking for someone to help me with my logo. I have the basics of it down, but i would love it if someone gave it a white outline and make it look a bit nicer. Its for my schools new gaming club. I also would like it to have some color corrections. Thank you for your time and sorry for...
  5. A

    Really grateful for image restoration and colourisation. Sentimental

    Hi I'm new here and have been trying for hours to do this job myself but have absolutely no photoshop skills. The image is of my mother in laws mother, and is the only phot she has left, I wanted to get it restored and colourised for her birthday but have had no luck. Any help will be hugely...
  6. K

    Please add missing family member for Christmas gift

    Hi, My husband was working and missed this great family snap. Could you possibly add him to this family pic please? Would like to order a small canvas print as a Christmas gift ASAP, and the guy who said he could do this 'simple edit' (his words) for us by today has fallen through. Thanks so...
  7. B

    Funeral pic

    I know that I should add the picture straight here but I'm on my phone so this was the best I could do My friend past away and I was making a slide show I was trying to make it look like we was holding up 3 fingers. If anyone could help with that It would be much...