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adobe photoshop

  1. S

    How to undo this effect

    Could anyone please tell me how to undo the effect from this photo? Not asking for the watermark to be removed. I am asking for the effect that's on the dress which is making it look like it's painted.
  2. Simonetos The Greek

    How to put multiple values into an array of a dropdownlist?

    With this part of code, I am trying to put all found layer names (layersData) into dropdownlist2_array, but instead of a list with names, I get one line with all names!!! Any idea what am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance!!! var layerNames = []; for (var i = 0; i < layersData.length; i++) {...
  3. Simonetos The Greek

    Scripting Get values from an applied bevel and emboss effect for multiple layers?

    I created this function below, to get some values from an applied bevel and emboss effect, like shading angle, shading altitude etc. alert("Angle: " + getBevelAndEmbossValues()[0] + "\nAltitude: " + getBevelAndEmbossValues()[1]); function getBevelAndEmbossValues() { try {...
  4. V

    Hi! It's my pleasure to be here!

    My name is Valentine.I am a professional and experienced Photo Retoucher. I have professional experience working with Design for the past few years. Throughout my life I have also worked as a Graphic Design Artist and as a logo creator. I have also worked in areas such as Photoshop and...
  5. S

    How to make a website design as mobile app design using photoshop?

    My first project is "Design a mobile app screen for already created website" so I want to make a website design as mobile app design using Photoshop. How to do this? Brief: I m in the begining stage of photoshop. so i need some hints. "The website was already created and it lauched. Now they...
  6. M

    Please, help me, damaged file Adobe Photoshop

    Hello ladies and gentlemen! Straight to the essence of the problem. Worked in the same .psdfile, the source always remained normal and were opened too, until today, when opening, did not see that all the layers are merged, and the image is just black. The weight of the file has not changed. Is...
  7. Soufian Ettaqi

    Adobe Photoshop - Business Card Template Setup (tutorial HD)

    Adobe Photoshop - Business Card Template Setup
  8. M

    Can anyone help me do photoshop (face off/replace a face) some picture?

    Can anyone help me do photoshop (face off/replace a face) some picture? It's kind of a prank for my friend's birthday, please help. Thanks ^^
  9. picunderapp

    Adding some flare to photos

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a few Adobe Photoshop actions and Adobe Lightroom presets to help add a little flare to my photos. At the moment, I'm subscribed to Adobe Bloom for my action needs. Please reply with high quality options and I'll definitely go take a look!