1. C

    Specific Complexion fix

    Hello, could someone please fix the complexion of the persons face on the left. i.e. remove the red sunburn. Many thanks in advance
  2. J

    Vintage Movie Poster Style Technique?

    Hi guys, How does one create the painted/airbrushed/illustrated look in the old vintage movie posters like Casablanca, Dracula, etc? I've seen some tutorials but they don't look entirely authentic and look too Photoshop plugin-y. Examples here: Any help or guidance greatly...
  3. R

    Make me look slim!

    I posted a picture to be altered on here and loved it! thank you so so much to everyone who had a go doing it! I noticed on the photo I have awful fat rolls :(( wondered if anyone could please airbrush them out if it can be done? Want to get a nice framed photo of us al! lol Thank you again guys! x
  4. E

    Airbrush/colour matching assistance

    Im a bit of a photoshop lamen and the AUTO adjust option is my best friend :lol: in Elements 6, but lately I have been messing around so to speak with other the moment im putting a little video clip together and want use the following pic as a title page... However id like to...
  5. A

    Airbrush Background

    How would i create and airbrush background like the image here? Please could someone help me? : :)
  6. P

    Inconsistent Spray Patterns with Airbrush in CS4

    Hello everybody. I just wanted to congratulate you folks on the fine PS resources that you provide. I'm having problems maintaining consistent performance as far as the density and consistency of the spray pattern is concerned. A little Background: I'm an illustrator that paints with CS4...