1. H

    Specific Can someone add a small plane about to land

    I would like a small passenger plane landing here with its landing lights on. Can someone please help me with that Thank you very much in advance
  2. O

    request for photoshop: replace middle airplane in formation replaced by the 747

    Hi everybody, I have another request if possible! as (another) present to a collegue who is retiring i would like to have the 747 (right picture) fitted instead of the big airplane in the middle of the first picture. Would be great if someone has the time to do that! Thanks a lot...
  3. J

    Airplane Template

    Hi everyone, I'm really sorry if im posting this into the wrong place. I have a question about plane templates, and I have zero knowledge with photoshop and templates, but im really eager to learn how to do this. how could someone turn this picture into this? I know its probably too hard...
  4. P

    Help me with adding an airplane to this picture

    Hi can someone help me by adding a picture of an airplane on this image: I am so new and always when added the image doesnt look right to me. Here are the airplanes i would like to add (only one)
  5. qmyxpa0c1l34

    Airplane on Fire

    Photoshoped airplane on fire. This can be done to almost any vehicle, it dose not have to be a plane. If you would like to know how to do this check out my blog, link is in my sig. Please comment, thanks :)
  6. MFSX


    This was made awhile ago but very unfortunately due to a severe damage to my hdd i lost the .psd file, not to mention everything i had on my pc, that's why the image is incomplete(hopefully i regularly back up my .jpeg gallery to my iphone). It took me so much time drawing the plane layer by...