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  1. Eggy

    3D Blender - using PNG's Alpha channel to apply labels

    As a test, because I was wondering how to do it Blender
  2. K

    Please help me!!! :))

    can someone please change Baby Mama to Alpha Gam
  3. M

    Creating brushes from alphas - Possible?

    Hi I'm wondering if threes a way to create brushes from alpha images like you can in other software, is it possible? Thanks
  4. B

    whats the keyboard short cut to the toggle between alpha channel & the original layer

    whats the keyboard short cut to the toggle between alpha channel & the original layer in windows environment ?? :banghead:
  5. T

    [Photoshop CC] Combine selections, vector masks, alpha channels

    [Photoshop CC] Combine selections, vector masks, alpha channels Hallo everybody, I'd like to know how to combine (merge, subtract or intersect...) slections, but also vector masks and/or alpha channels. See attachment: want I want is (A+B). I tried to use selection but I didn't it. I...
  6. Hybrus

    fox or wolf.

    Are they a fox or a wolf? I know they are wolves but I am kind of confused :neutral:, If I can call one of them a Alpha Wolf, are they malnourish? :razz: which of them fitted to be a lonewolf and alpha wolf? sorry for many questions :wink:
  7. O

    White to alpha?

    I have a greyscale image of a shadow which is a mixture of colours from white to dark grey. What I want is for the "whiteness" of a pixel to denote how alpha it is. i.e. a perfectly white pixel would be completely transparent whereas a perfectly black pixel would be completely opaque. I've had a...
  8. Z

    how to make trasparent / kill white areas

    Hello! this may be trivial but I have a stamp image with plain white background and I want to make it transparent. the magic eraser tool does not seem to work as it has many tiny scratches on the red stamp tint. The best I was able to do is with Refine edge but I noticed some opacity of the red...
  9. H

    "Baking" opacity to semi-transparent layer.

    Hey! I have a layer that varies in opacity (from 0% to semi-opaque to 100% opaque). Colour from the layer behind is showing through and blending with the semi-opaque layer. Can I bake that blend that results from the two layers, so that it is baked onto the foremost layer? This will be a...
  10. D

    Is it possible to restore opacity in a semi transparent PNG?

    Through the channels window, I can paint on the R, G and B channels individually. That's great, but where's the Alpha channel? Photoshop only allows me to create a new opacity layer which simply subtracts from the PNG's native opacity - it can't add to it. What I need is to INCREASE opacity...
  11. D

    I want to paint on a PNG's alpha channel directly

    This seems like it should be simple, but I can't figure it out. I have a PNG with some transparency. Through the channels window, I can easily access the individual R G and B data, but I would like to directly paint on the Alpha channel. How can I do that? There are areas of this image which...
  12. M

    Trying to import .mov with alpha in PS CS5

    Hi Everyone, I'm new here but I've got an interesting problem. I'm trying to import a .mov that has alphas imbedded in it. (ex. smoke separated from a black background) In PS CS3 this was a basic function out of the box. I've just had a chat with the Adobe techs online and they have informed...
  13. A

    Alpha for tree?

    How to make alpha channel for tree that can be used anywhere once I have alpha.