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  1. C

    Specific Possible to alter wedding dress strap?

    Hi there, I’m not sure if this is even possible at all but I’m wondering if it is possible to adjust the strap on the brides left shoulder (photo right). As you can see it’s slipped and is sitting slightly off the shoulder but it needs to be up more on top of the shoulder. Is this even possible...
  2. J

    Logo Alteration

    Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this. I coach a Midget AAA baseball team called the Cape Breton Cubs. Naturally we use the Chicago Cubs logo but I'm hoping that someone can alter it a bit to have "Cape Breton" on it. Ive attached the logo I'm looking to alter. If someone...
  3. M

    in to darkness

    this was my first creation with depth in it it was in a time that splitting up and the heart break did not happen yet but was a sure thing te be .. its my dark interpertation of the "hope, love, faith" theme these are the parts i used this is the result : the clouds, surflines and...
  4. C

    Can anyone combine these photos?

    hi, I am really wanting to have the photo of my baby photoshopped into the photo with my father and grandfather who have passed away. If possible can I get the baby sitting on the younger mans knee, also, can you not include any part of the female he is currently sitting on? Once the baby is in...
  5. Paul

    Change the scene.

    Take an iconic movie scene and alter it in a funny way. :mrgreen:
  6. P

    Ideas for creating a design that changes appearance thru glasses with red lenses

    We are attempting to create a design for an ad, either print or digital or both preferably, that appears differently when the person viewing the ad puts on a glasses with tinted lenses, like bright red or deep purple. So in the case of using red lenses, we are looking to have icons that clutter...
  7. Paul

    Kims Alter Ego

    One person who as made money out of nothing, ladies and gents i give you the three phases of kim:)