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  1. agentmoeller

    Illustrator help with pen tool

    Hoping someone knows the answer to this. I am drawing an object in Ai (#1), I continue to draw the shape (#2), then I click on the anchor point, so I can bring the line back to create a crescent shape (#3). when I click to create a new anchor point, my outline (blue shape lines and anchor...
  2. C

    Odd pen tool behavior in CC 2015

    I use the pen tool regularly in CC 2015 and for whatever reason it's begun behaving oddly today. For instance, If I place an anchor point without handles on screen, then add a connecting path to another anchor point with handles and attempt to modify the path using the CTRL (CMD) key, a handle...
  3. M

    All I want to do is bend a line! Help!

    I want to bend a line. Is the pen tool incapable of only making you a bent line? I can't bend the line tool (because I'm a newb?) So I try to just make a straight line with the pen tool and add 1 anchor point in the middle, but as you all may know once you move the anchor point to bend a...
  4. G

    After Effects zooming in on a moving object

    hey guys, i basically want to zoom in on the eye of an moving animal. what i did was, track the motion and apply the values to a null object. then i tried to parent the position of the anchor point of the footage to the null object, (by alt-left clicking on the stopwatch and then pickwhipping...
  5. MrToM

    Anchor Handle Mystery.

    Win7 SP1, CC 2014 I'm stumped....genuinely. I just don't know HOW I did this....I'll probably never need to do it ever again but the fact that I couldn't even if I wanted to is driving me mad. So just HOW did I do this....? All I can remember of the workflow: 1. Pen tool [set to shape]...
  6. M

    Dysfunctional keyboard shortcut: Magnetic Lasso.

    Hi all, I'm having some difficulties and after a lot of internet searching and piddling about in Photoshop I can't suss it. Basically, the delete key does not remove anchor points while I am making a selection with the magnetic lasso tool, nor does backspace. I've tried most of the obvious...
  7. chrisatlemon

    quick question - combining anchor points

    hi all, Probably a stupid question: how can I combine two anchor points which form part of a shape? I know I can drag a marquee around the two points with the direct selection tool. Then, according to the help file, an icon should appear which I can simply click to combine the two anchor...
  8. A

    How to save Pen Tool anchors?

    Like in the title? I had a very unpleasant surprise after saving my project, reopening it and seeing that all my anchors and lines between them just disappeared! :/ How to save them? Why they're not an object, like in Paint Shop Pro? Don't tell about brush stroke paths (I have them)...