1. fredfish

    Turn a background transparent on an animated gif

    Hi all is there an easy way to turn the background transparent on an animated gif? I have a student that is creating an animated game "Ident" using Photoshop and he wants to add an animated gif. The gif is a series of flames against a black background. My initial thought was to group all the...
  2. K

    3D 3D animation beginner

    What would you recommend I do? I need to be able to create a 3d animated “soldier” that I can save as an animated .gif to place on top of a PowerPoint slide. What programs should I be using? I've tried out Fuse CC and it was great but I can't use the file on PowerPoint. Any advice is greatly...
  3. A

    Converting an animated image to a Raw sketch

    Hi All I was wondering if there was a way to convert this animated image to a raw sketch : I was hoping to use the sketch for a college project i am working on. I would really appreciate some help if someone could guide me here. Thank you
  4. meggsoption

    Help! How to adjust animated gif to slower than 5 fps for google requirements?

    Hello! I have been teaching myself animated gifs to get more design work. I have one ad that didn't upload to google because it says it needs to be slower than 5 fps. I'm not seeing where to adjust this. Here's the ad... Please help! :)
  5. S

    Add an icon to an animated GIF file

    When creating or editing animated GIFs in Photoshop, is it possible to select one of its frames as the GIF file icon, visible in File Managers like Windows Explorer? If not, pls explain why, are there any workaround? What image editing or other packages allow to assign & scale down if needed...
  6. C

    After Effects Animated Hamburger || Long Shadow || GUI Icon

    Hey people of the graphics world. Here's an animated hamburger that could be specifically used for GUI projects It looks simple but took a fair bit of time to get looking half decent. I will use this in an up coming project of mine which relates to an Apple Watch interface design.
  7. Paul

    3D New beginnings all for free

    Decided to stay with the free fully functioning Blender program and so far confused but gripped:cheesygrin: I thought why spend cash on something i will only use hop and a catch not like it's my passion or anything, my love affair is with Photoshop firstly this new stuff is merely a play thing...
  8. S

    how to create animated smoke

    I have picture that I want to add animated smoke on it how can I add this effect? Is there any way to animated existing smoke picture or I should make it from the beginning? can I use existing gif picture and put it on existing one?
  9. gautamz07

    My Parallax footer

    Hey guys ! whts up , I miss you all , had nothing to do today , So just went around surfing the web and got some inspiration to create a animated waves effect : heres the result : its all CSS-3 ;) Please tell me if you liked my small demo . Thank...
  10. F

    christmas animated tutorials

    hi,is there anyone who knows a site where you can find a lots of christmas animated tutorials,greetz fene
  11. K

    New here, need help with editing of an animated GIF

    Hello all, I just signed up and hope to get some answers and help;)Basically I have an animated banner .GIF which contains 4 layers, I need to change only the numbers on each layers but I can not do anything with the typing, cant add or change anything...How do I edit those layers so I can type...
  12. ChrisHPZ

    Actionscript 3 Animated Glow Filter

    Hey everyone, how we doing. I'm working on something that has to do with the AS3 glow filter. What I want is to apply a glow filter to a movie clip using AS3 and animate it. Sounds simple enough right? var symbolName:GlowFilter = new GlowFilter()...
  13. W

    How Do I create GIF animated files in photoshop

    I am using photoshop since 2 years. but never tried with GIF files. can any post a short tutorial about creating GIF animation files with small effects or any plugin to create GIF.
  14. A

    Color Correcting Animated Gifs

    Hey Gurus, I'm building a website for a client by creating and slicing up pages in Photoshop CS3. Having a few moving elements using animated gifs. The problem I'm having is with the gifs being a noticeably different tone than the rest of the image, whether saved as jpg or gif. Anyone have...
  15. SeniorS

    "You may not upload animated images."

    For a while i get that message for trying to upload gifs as avatar (before that i was able to upload without trouble). Image i tried to upload fits all allowed parametrs. I even tried to upload one another's user moving avatar - still get that message. Wondering why?
  16. noor

    need help in making animated sunrays

    hi can any friend teach me to make these sun rays does it need any plug in?