1. T

    Help with Blending

    I have this logo i am making, im trying to get the background to blend with the top picture of the jeep and it keeps looking pixilated where the background comes though. Is there any tool i can use to help fix this or another approach i should have? Thank you.
  2. Pipsmom


    Going to be doing my first time plaid (young girl) thought I would seek advice before starting colorisation, do I use color picker like I do with the other colors or another approach to pick out two tones?
  3. jerseyboy

    How can I make the gold evenly lit in this icon?

    Hello, I was given a reproduction of this icon which was photographed in uneven light. What would be the best approach in equalising the gold background? Thanks in advance.
  4. Paul

    Different Approach

    Tried to do it another way, it works or not - is up to you?