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    Which shortcut do I use to accomplish this?

    Which shortcut do I use to accomplish this? (SOLVED) I was watching a jewelry retouching video wherein the designer made a selection, switched to the brush tool, used the eyedropper to select a color and then used a shortcut to fill in the selected area with that color. This can be accomplished...
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    Arabic text

    Hi folks: Occasionally Arabic text pops up when I try to use text tool or save a file in Photoshop cs 6. Does anyone know how to fix this. Bob Ghodsi
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    Rasterized Arabic Script

    Hello All, I have been tasked to design a circular logo. On the outter rim I'd like to include both English and Arabic. The idea is English on the top, and the Arabic script on the bottom of the rim of a circle. I don't have ME version, so I had to use rasterized Arabic text. Now, the issue...