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  1. T

    Specific Fix arm & hand

    can someone please fix this one with my arm & hand not visible on the top?? please & thank you!
  2. E

    Specific Easy Fix-Arm

    Could someone please make the arm that's in the air just be down like the other arm. I think it looks awkward but I don't know how to fix that. Thank you.
  3. B

    Sunflower and arm

    Hey can anyone photoshop my arm and tattoo on the sunflower image to make it look like I’m there.
  4. G

    Complex background- is it possible to remove person from this photo?

    Is it possible to remove the woman at the left from this photo, while preserving the different parts of the background (body of plane as well as sandy ground)? Can it be done such that the arm of the man second to the left is not unnaturally cut off? Thanks for any advice.
  5. N

    Can any one help with a gone wrong tattoo. A new design?

    Hello to all. When i was about 17 I let my brother tattoo my arm a bad mistake. 5 years later I went to what i thought was a professional and they messed it up even more. I am now scared to go to someone else in case they make it even worse. This is my last chance to make it right. Can any one...
  6. F

    Tattoo Removal Request

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me out in removing the 2 tattoos from my left arm and right leg. Any help would be appreciated. Thx (: Edit: whoops I used the wrong picture, use the first one below instead.
  7. J

    Photo shop request.

    Hi guys, Could someone please remove that kids arm on the right side of the photo that is sticking up the two fingers? I would really appreciate it. My best friend in the photo passed away and would like to have this photo for the memorial but want to have that arm removed. Also, i was also...
  8. L

    Drawing Base Request

    Hey,I was wondering if you guys would be able to help me out with a small issue I've had for a couple weeks now. For my friend's birthday I'd like to surprise her with a drawing, but I want a picture of her to use as a base. This is the original photo: My aim is to get a closeup of her face...
  9. L

    Our Only Engagement Photo

    Hi, my fiancé proposed to me last week and in all the excitement and nerves, we ended up taking only one photo on a smartphone. It turned out ok, but I'd love for it to be touched up a little. My two big issues with the photo are the wine stains on my lips (I swear I wasn't drunk for the...
  10. W

    Minor Edit: Remove Beer Can

    Hello again, Would be very appreciative if someone could remove the beer can and right arm of the man on the right. Not necessarily remove the arm but make it look more natural, at his side or something. Thanks for looking! Will
  11. M

    mixing two pictures

    Hi I am trying to make a collage for my brother in love, but I need to mix these to pictures together so his upperarm gets onthe swimmer in the water (it would be the swimmer with the reed on his right arm). Can anyone fix this, so I can get on with my collage. thanks a lot
  12. F

    HELP! Can someone remove my arm/hand from this image

    Hello! Now i am DEFINITELY no photoshop guru, and I seriously suck at it. I really like this image of me, BUT my arm against the brick wall looks seriously retarded! Would anyone please please please be able to remove it? Please, help a brother out!! Thanks:rocker: