1. C

    Hi Everyone!! Glad to be here

    Hello, My name is Cristina and I am very excited to have found this forum. I have been photographing my 4 children for 11 years and I have decided to branch out. Friends recently asked if I could photograph their family so I am looking forward to improving my photography and perhaps taking on...
  2. Jerry D

    Uniform Lighting

    Recently someone posted an image in the free section and asked for uniform lighting... I experimented with it to see if I could improve it at all. Tried >Shadows/Highlights<, and that washed out the faces and darker colors, I put that layer under the orginal and tried masking and bringing up...
  3. B

    Name of font?

    Can I ask, please, what this font is? I have asked on a specialist font forum but got no replies. Many thanks
  4. Zain Khan

    Need help Formatting a comic book

    I am grateful to the people last time I got what I needed help with :). This time I would like to ask if there is any tutorial available to format comic book pages in a pdf file format. A friend of mine has asked me to do it, I can even show files and reference what he needs exactly
  5. I

    colour changing

    Hi all, This is my first post on here and may be a bit cheeky but I am looking for some help. I will introduce myself in the correct forum soon I have an image that in need changed. I need the blue hand changed to pink and the background changed to white. I have a sublimation business and a...
  6. I

    download help

    I have been installing Design Standard from the Adobe site. After I download I am asked to run or save. I choose save and then I am prompted to pick a program to open the downloaded file. I choose Photoshop, the file on the desktop turns into a PS icon and then it runs. But why am I being asked...
  7. M

    Hopefully easy photoshop request

    Hey So my friend went out of town and asked me to feed his cat, and asked to send a pic or two. The cat decided to hide each time I went so I couldn't do that. Then I decided to just edit a cat into his living room to freak him out a bit, but realized that I don't know how that works. I have...
  8. gautamz07

    glossy kidda photo effect

    Hello guys ! how are you all doing ? :) needed a small help , have a look at the picture below : the above picture definitely looks photoshoped , can somebody tell me what kind of an effect that is ? i am sure this question has been asked a countless times , but still just wanted to ask ...
  9. M

    Adjustment Layers

    Hey guys I am pretty new to Photoshop... I am getting tested to see how well I know Photoshop, and I came across one question that was difficult for me. I was asked to take a photo with a woman wearing a white shirt and make it magenta using masking and any adjustment layer. *(I am not positive...
  10. M

    Price for gift certificate

    Hey guys, someone asked me to create 2 gift certificates for them.. I'm sure how much is the usual price to do this.. Can u guys help me out? Thanks
  11. P

    How do I remove writing on a gradient background

    Hello everyone. So what I need help with is thus. I have a menu I have scanned and uploaded onto my pc that I need to change the prices by covering up the old prices and replacing them with new ones. The guy who asked me to do this is rather cheep and as such wont hire a professional to just...