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  1. N

    Star trails help

    Hello! I have a stacked image of star trails and there are gaps that I would like to fill in with photoshop. I am aware that reshooting with a different interval would be the easiest/best option but I'm unable to return to this location. If the north celestial pole was in the frame, I could...
  2. S

    Specific Astrology photo clean up

    Hi, I have 2 pictures taken through a telescope and it would be amazing if someone could just clear out the photos for me and make the background darker please! Any tips on how I could take better pictures through the telescope are welcome to! Thank you all in advance! Steven
  3. R

    Astrophotography - hello from Oxford, UK

    Hello, I'm a 25 yo guy from Oxford in the UK. I've recently taking up photography as a hobby, with a particular interest in landscape astrophotography. I'd like to learn how to composite/ blend images in PS. My main inspiration is this guy, Jaxson Pohlman -...