1. J

    Wavy/Hand Drawn Line Simulation

    Is there a way to make a straight line drawn with a brush look hand drawn with some wavyness to it? I want it horizontal (i.e. I'm holding down the shift button as I paint) but am hoping for some variation so it doesn't look so formal, like in the attachment here:
  2. S

    Saving files to JPG

    Hi everyone. I'm new to Photoshop and I'm having issues with saving my finished work to JPEG and then sending via email. When I attach the JPEG file to the email and send it, the recipient can only see the image in the body of the email. There is no seperate attachment that they can then save...
  3. S

    Help to design a simple image

    I need a vector image created which represents my hair style. Attachment 1, shows basically what i want the picture to look like. Attachment 2, shows my hairstyle and how you need to make the hair. the pic of my hairstyle is me looking downward, when you create the picture you will have to make...
  4. V

    BMP Single color. For my Wiscon Rx2/3

    I've been trying to make it myself but i just cant seem to get the single color that it demands from me :( Its just supposed to look like what's in the attachment :) Please help me and Thank you!
  5. E

    Actions How to... Recomend an action

    Hello, I wondered if anyone could help me with the prcessing of some images. For example, I have an image like the one on the left and I like to make it look like the other on the right. (See attachment.) Can anyone recomend a Photoshop action that could do the job? Best regards
  6. N

    Photoshop JPEG saves as PS?

    Hi, I don't know why but something happened recently and when I hit SAVE AS files, and try to make them JPEGS, even though they really are, they show up in the explorer as PS (see attachment). Even if I upload to wordpress or sny other software they don't show up with the image, they show up...
  7. F

    Multiple file cropping into circles

    I have a bunch of square jpg files and i want to crop a circle in them (exactly from side to side and top to bottom) and save them with transparent background. which is the fastest way to do it, as there are hundreds of them? (check out the attachment - before&after)
  8. ibclare

    Attachment Size: can't find the max sizes listed

    I have a scanner issue and wanted to load a psd to show the problem (600 almost looks better than 1200) but when I upload, it gets rejected. It's ~21 M. What is the max and where do I look please? Another issue re: scanners. Mine only has jpeg, bitmap, png and a few other file types. These are...