1. S

    [RQ] Please edit the pic for me!!

    Please edit this picture for mine. Want some edit which makes the picture more attractive like some filters or some powerful effects. You can do anything you want . THE BASIC AIM IS TO MAKE THIS PICTURE MORE ATTRACTIVE AND POWERFUL. Any Help Would Be Great! Thanks!!
  2. W

    My logo Please check and help me to make it more attractive.

    Hello, My Company Name is Cartel. I am starting my event management company where we will organize parties and everything. I designed this logo. How can i make this more Professional ? Need to make more attractive. How can i do this ? Thank You in advance :)
  3. gautamz07

    attractive infographic

    Well was just feeling bored today and where else would i go besides here :D just needed to make a small attractive infographic . basically transforming something unattractive like this . into something attarctive like this . Will make my own version and post it :) , its for the web...
  4. L

    How can we make our website attractive?

    please help What are the web designing forum advantages?