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  1. F

    Batch Automation Kindly Guide..Batch changing Hue & Saturation of images automatically

    Hi Guys! I have large number of same image, i just want to make each image of different color. What I thought to change the Hue & Saturation of each image to make it of different color. Can any one please guide how to do that automatically in photoshop. Example: I wrote a quote with following...
  2. A

    Applying perspective automatically to a smart object?

    Hi guys, i'm in the middle of creating a bathroom at the moment in photoshop. I've got my floor scaled out and perspective warped, i've got my skirting board applied. at the moment i've got some Wall cladding on the back as a straight image. and i've got the 2 side walls perspective warped and...
  3. ZeroCool22

    Automatically Remove Backgrounds!

    Adobe developed an AI method that automatically Remove Backgrounds From Images. SOURCE:
  4. J

    Filling a logo

    I want to fill in the font here in this image to white, without filling in the area surrounding it. I was hoping to use some kind of mask to automatically keep everything outside of the letter/s transparent. How can I do this?
  5. J

    Copying and automatically straightening images with Photoshop CS6

    Is it possible, using Photoshop CS6, to copy and automatically straighten multiple images lying on my flatbed scanner to produce a collage without twisted pictures? If so, how would a newbie go about the process, please? JoeJ
  6. A

    Automatically make image tiled across page

    Hi guys, Hope you are all well. I am wanting to create a document where the user can add an image into a psd and it will automatically be tiled across the page. I have used a psd before that applied lots of rules to any image and i was hoping this would be possible in my case. I hope this...
  7. C

    Scripting Photoshop Script to Paste Multiple Items

    Hi guys, so I am very new (in fact not even started) with scripts in PS, but here is my problem. I have a huge JPG chart of the East Coast of Zanzibar. I have 500 GPS coordinates of my sailing trip. I can convert those 500 points into xy coordinates for the chart. What I would then like to do...
  8. P

    Color tune all images for a Company

    How do I do to get the same "company feeling" on all the images I have for a company. Look at my example. These images has been color tune to that all of the mages has that blueish company color cent to it. I know for a fact that this blue tune isn't naturally there in the office. I need to do...
  9. T

    Is it possible to program a sequence for Photoshop to run?

    Every time I edit my photos I have 2 different structure techniques I use and a clarity technique. It's the exact same process every time and all I need to do afterwards is adjust the opacity of the layers. Can I teach Photoshop to do these automatically? Likely dreaming here, but I think it...
  10. A

    Automatically detect and select a circle/circular area

    I'm looking for a way to batch process thousands of images. Is there a way for Photoshop to automatically detect the circular area I need select? The problem is that the images are different sizes and the circle is not going to be in the exact same spot every time. Also, as you will see in the...
  11. admin

    New Forum Features: Activity Points, Levels, Achievements, Awards

    We are pleased to announce that some major new features for the forum rolling out today. Photoshop Gurus Forum now has a system for Activity Points, Levels, Achievements, Awards, and Trophies. These will be displayed on user profiles and posts in the forum, along with a leaderboard. You may...
  12. D

    Automatically resizing image after cropping

    I must have accidentally changed a setting as now, after I crop an image, I appears much smaller and when I try to resize it back it's very distorted. How can I fix this?