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background change

  1. johnbritto

    Paid Background change and hair addition

    was hoping someone can change the background to something real world, maybe a room or somewhere with a couple of people in the background.. also was hoping someone can give me (in red) a bit more hair on my top left, 20$ to the best one!
  2. G

    Specific Remove trash bag

    Hi! My friend took this picture the other day we were in a street bar in downtown Sao Paulo. I feel good about my appearance and thighs (lol) but that horrible restaurant trashbag in the background kills the vibe. I've been trying to remove it myself but no luck (preview attached) can you guys...
  3. S

    Creative Remove the background from my headshot

    Hi, can someone please edit the background out of my headshot? I would like to continue with the professional setting
  4. G

    Specific Background change for a white-light gray gradient

    Can you please change the background for a white-light gray gradient? Thank you in advance.
  5. J

    Specific Remove table/change background

    Company holiday party was so busy we didn’t get a chance to take a proper pic with eachother :(. I love this dress so much. Can you edit the restaurant table out? Perhaps change the background as well to something more romantic/Christmas?
  6. N

    Paid Insert photo of us dancing on the bridge

    Can someone insert the picture of me and my husband dancing on the bridge in the other picture and take away us just standing there? Bridge Photo Dancing Photo
  7. M

    Specific Funny Edit

    Can somebody please edit the guy in black and the girl in black together. Please try to make it look as realistic as possible. Need it urgently. Thank you.
  8. P

    Paid Cover background

    Hello! I would like you to cover the backround with a pattern, but I need it to be 1) Very professional cut edges 2) y2k aesthetic I will attach the original photo, the same photo edited by me so to have a first idea of what im looking for, and some other photos to understand the aesthetic im...
  9. C

    Paid Need two brothers added to photo and background changed 50.00

    My beloved FIL (in the red shirt with my husband and white shirt smiling like the sun) and one of his brothers ( in his uniform and with his wife on the anniversary before his passing) passed away last year suddenly exactly 6 months apart. My husband was beyond devastated. 5 siblings remain and...
  10. S


    Is there any way someone can help me make the background transparent? It's very hard to because of my friends hair, I tried using the lasso tool, refine edge, pen tool, quick selection and changing the background on a new layer. I have no idea how to fix it from here is there anyway anyone can...
  11. J

    Paid Background Swap $10

    I have two professional photos, one that I took with a mostly blank background (just has the American flag), and one I took with two flags in the background. I would like the two flags background moved so that sits behind the original photo that had the American flag background. I like that...
  12. S

    Specific Location edit

    Hi! Can you please edit these photos so that it looks like it was taken at the Sydney Opera House?! Thanks in advance
  13. S

    Specific Scenery in background

    Might be alittle harder but can some PS some scenery in the background, realistically looking matching the brightness of my skin to what the sun would reflect and also the angle of the picture taken to the angle of the picture taken in the background. Honestly could care less what scenery is...
  14. J

    Specific Photoshop background request

    Good day! I would like to request for this photo to be edited. It's one of my graduation photos. It's already taken in green screen. Hope to have a cool background! And enhance whatever you want. Thanks a lot!
  15. B

    Specific Please manipulate background.

    I want to make portrait of this picture but want to look this picture more beautiful. I am out of ides how to make its background looks More cooler and removng extra things like hand in this picture.
  16. R

    Specific Please could I have help changing a background colour?

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me change a background colour for a peice of course work I am presenting :) I would like help altering the background of this image...
  17. A

    Photo Edit Before and After Ratings?Feedback?

    Before: After: In order to create the second Image I selected used the color range and selected the lightest color of grass on the image and made the fuzziness 200, then I made a new layer and added the selection onto it and with a soft paint brush with 100% opacity and 44% flow I colored...
  18. K

    Creative Photoshop request

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone would be able to photoshop the whole background of this picture so that instead of a kitchen it was dark and smokey? Thank you!
  19. L

    Could you please help me with the background?

    Could you please help me by adding a more interesting background? I'd love to make this photo a bit more 'magical'. Thank you in advance!
  20. M

    Background change please.

    Hiya. Can someone please change this picture so that it looks like the couple are maybe sitting on a bench somewhere pretty watching the sunset. It's a really sentimental picture which I want to get printed on a canvas for a close friend and I know it would melt her heart. Any help is very much...