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  1. A

    Specific Long distance couple want photo together please :)

    Hey not sure how this works but i'm looking for help with photoshopping a photo, could someone put me and my boyfriend in a picture together? We are in a long distance relationship and I wanted to give him a photo of us together for his birthday in a few days. If you could please help I suck...
  2. L

    Specific Please help take out the wrinkles on my shirt!

    It'd be great to define my jawline also!
  3. A

    Daughter's Birthday

    Hello all! My daughter recently had her quinceanera (15th birthday) and unfortunately I did rain quite a bit before the photos. Although I think she looked like a princess, she was upset that the damp weather made the curls in her hair come out. Could anyone please help improve her hair & this...
  4. G

    Need this photo edited.

    I would love someone to Photoshop either picture in anyway that relates to lord of the rings for example make it look like my dad is licking Bilbo's head I would like this done preferably by tonight as it's his birthday in the next few days (keep it sfw please) Thank you
  5. R

    Birthday Present Request

    My girlfriend's 40th is coming up. She adores our dog, Digby, and so for one of her birthday treats I'd like to get her a print of a film poster for "Digby The Biggest Dog In The World", with the erstwhile Digby replaced with our much cuter dog. The best version of the movie poster I can find...
  6. S

    Need help with grandchildren picture.

    Had a recent birthday party for the lad in the middle. Took about 10 shots, all are special but none are perfect. If someone would be so kind to use the 1st picture as the template, and on the second picture clone the faces of the 1st girl on left and the middle boy (birthday boy) onto the 1st...
  7. B

    Add letter in poster

    Hi, Could you please photoshop so it says "Laccoste" (1 extra C) instead of Lacoste because I need it for a birthday card? Thanks a million
  8. Eggy

    Happy Birthday MrToM

    A Happy Birthday to you MrToM...:wave1::wave1: :beerchug:
  9. Eggy

    Happy Birthday to gedstar

    A Happy Birthday to you Ged! :wave1: :beerchug:
  10. A

    Need help for father's birthday

    What a godsend it is finding this site. Some assistance would be so appreciated If possible could someone please take the patch and put it on the front of my fathers old scout shirt. I keep trying but I cant size or crop it properly. I messed up and posted it above the shirt and cant...
  11. P

    Can someone photoshop my grandma

    can someone photoshop the birthday cone and the lady that's hugging my grandma away make it seem like it was never there
  12. E

    Please HELP! Birthday present SOS

    Hi! Ive tried turning an image into pop art using the posterize tool, but when I do it the face of the girl looks very dark and her facial expression does not resemble the one in the original picture. Here's the original and the one that I did. Could someone help me make her face more clear...
  13. D

    Make my daughter smile please

    Recently we had a family photoshooting but we were unable to make my daughter smile on any group photo. It would be very nice if you could somehow copy the smile from IMG6065 in her face in IMG6030. If you need more pictures from the photoshoot from which you might be able to get a better...
  14. gedstar

    Happy Birthday Eggy

    Happy Birthday Eggy enjoy your day :wave1: :beerchug:
  15. gedstar

    Happy Birthday to Hoogle

    Happy Birthday Hoogle enjoy your day :wave1: :beerchug:
  16. N

    help in an idea for birthday collage

    Good Morning friends I want to make a birthday photo card or collage for my best friend , containing 5 to 8 photos can you help me with a special idea :D thanks alot:wink:
  17. gedstar

    Happy Birthday to Revnart

    Happy Birthday Revnart :wave1: enjoy your day :beerchug:
  18. gedstar

    Happy Birthday to MrTom

    Happy Birthday MrTom :wave2: :beerchug:
  19. Paul

    Happy Birthday Gedstar

    Have a great day mate:clap:
  20. S

    A happy birthday greeting

    Hello, since I have exactly zero PS skills (and no PS whatsoever) I must ask for help to make a certain picture... The picture itself can be of any quality that you are not lazy to make :D . Now about the picture, even though it is for a birthday words are not necessary. The most important thing...