1. D

    Illustrator Help with knocking out shapes without losing detail

    G'day Im trying to find out how one would knock out "shapes" with out any loss... Image one on left is shape with another layer of distress white on top. now after I minus front shapes I'm left with the distress bits but they are fraction smaller (right image) how do I solve this?
  2. S

    Please help. Family photo

    Please can you help. Had family photo done of my son and his cousins. Got two photos but can't use either. Was wondering if anyone could swap bits round in them to make one amazing photo.
  3. S

    Background removal

    Hi all! I'm wanting to get this image printed on a white t-shirt, and I was wondering if you could please remove all of the background and the grey bits in between the faces and text, and make it suitable for t-shirt printing. Thanks!
  4. Paul

    Who am I?

    Four famous faces mashed into one you decide what bits from what famous person. :mrgreen:
  5. pslane

    color tools

    Quick question: What can be the problem when the color tools don't work? I've already checked to see if it's in a color mode and it set on RGB and 8 bits. I've tried Color Balance and Hue and Saturation with no luck and they are rasterized. Thanks pslane
  6. A

    How to create these cool swirly bits

    hey, For a project I need to recreate the "swirly bits" picture below. Anyone have any ideas? The bits I am talking about are on the left image over that human figurine object. Thanks!!!