1. A

    Edit out numbers

    Can someone please edit out these numbers and leave it blank Thank you~
  2. C

    Help needed to fill up the blank space by the sides

    thanks in advance!
  3. S

    Help changing background

    Can someone please help me edit the background so it doesn't look like they are in a garage? A blank background or an outdoor background would be perfect. Thank you!
  4. Sidney Marshell

    Need input for my movie poster.

    Hi guys.!!! Its been a very long time since my last post...Well i m currently creating a movie poster and i need your help to share your thoughts to wht should i put on the blank space... I have no idea wht should i put in the blank space ....
  5. gedstar

    New Photo Manipulation

    Not sure whether I like this, but just trying to get my mojo back, there's nothing worse than looking at a blank canvas and I've been looking at a lot lately :bustagut:
  6. L

    Placing a grid on a blank page

    I have volunteered to do a project where I will be required to place about 100 small pictures onto a larger sheet of paper, print them then cut the photos out. Is there a way to place a grid on the blank page, to facilitate placing all on the photos in line with one another, which will make...
  7. MrToM


    We've all used it, and we all know what it does but when setting the Tolerance for certain tools what exactly is that a Tolerance of? Being a single integer number from 0-255 is it the average of something? This I doubt as the 'average' could be obtained in more than one way. Anything I think...
  8. Z

    Trouble using certain filters

    Hi everyone, I'm having an issue with certain filters in Photoshop. When I select certain filters, the image goes completely blank! The image I am working with is 8-bit RGB (as suggested by other forums) but the problem isn't going away. The particular filter I'm trying to use is 'stamp'. Does...
  9. raindog308

    Photo isn't wide enough - effects to "fill in the blank space"?

    I need a photo that is 960hx332w pixels wide. I have a photo perfect but it's only 700 pixels wide, and due to the aspect ratio I can't really just resize it any more. That's OK, because there'll be some text over the 260-ish pixels that the photo doesn't fit on. But I don't want that part to...